Starlite Diner
510 E Belvedere Ave
Baltimore. MD 21212 • 410-878-0069

The Starlight Diner is located in the former location of the Shoofly Diner, across from the Belvedere Square market.   Living nearby, I had been able to watch the renovations as they occurred over the course of several months. I was anxious to see the finished result, and of course, to give the place a try.  We decided to take advantage of a beautiful day, and sit outside on the front porch to enjoy a late breakfast.  If I recall correctly, we arrived in the late afternoon, so it was in between the lunch and dinner time rushes. For us, this meant we were able to relax outdoors, without much hustle and bustle.

And, when settin’ out on the porch on an Indian Summer afternoon, what better way to pass the time than with some fresh squeezed lemonade ($3.5) ?  Although a bit tart, I found it to be quite refreshing, definitely a sipping drink.  We looked over the menu, and as with most diners, there are many options available. We were in the mood for breakfast, and the All Day Breakfast menu does not disappoint. I think what sets Starlite apart from traditional diners are the non-traditional offerings such as the Red Velvette Waffle ($10) served with fruit and cream, or the Egg In A Hole ($10) , Eggs sunny side down inside buttery grilled rustic bread w/cheddar cheese, bacon & grilled tomato, includes home fries & side salad.


I decided on something more traditional, the 222 Breakfast ($10), 2 eggs your way, 2 sides (1 meat and 1 side), 2 silver dollar pancakes w/whole wheat toast, & 100% homemade maple syrup. Nick selected the House Benedict ($12), Cheddar biscuit, pulled pork shoulder, hollandaise sauce, includes home fries and side salad.  We were both really impressed with our meals, with portion size, quality, and taste.  Maybe it is just me, but I have always found when having breakfast at a traditional diner, sometimes the food presentation comes across as a bit sterile and bland. I felt the opposite of that was true with Starlite, everything seemed fresh and bright. Being outside in the sunlight also added to the effect.

Starlite All Day Breakfast options include variations of Pancakes, Waffles, Omelettes, Breakfast Plates, and “On the Range” options.  Some of the highlights worth checking out: Breakfast on a Waffle ($12) Buttermilk waffle sandwich w/fried chicken breast, fried egg, bacon, & 100% maple syrup (home fries and side salad), Stuffed French Toast ($12) Texas toast stuffed w/sweet mascarpone cheese, banana, salted caramel drizzle, maple syrup and mixed fruit, and the Smart Omelette ($12) Egg whites, spinach, caramelized onions, sautéed wild mushroom (home fries and side salad).  I am sure there is something available for everyone.

With a quick peak inside the Diner, I did notice two full service bars which are open until midnight Sunday through Wednesday, and 2am Thursday through Saturday. I am hopeful to arrange a happy hour one night soon with our friends so they can experience something new with us.  It’s great to see a new business in our neighborhood with reasonable prices for a reasonable menu.  If you are ever over in the Belvedere Square area, maybe to see a movie at the Senator, or just out and about, consider stopping over to the Starlite. I do not think you will regret it.