Add some fierce to your shelves this fall with the wit, wisdom, and beauty that is RuPaul. Fans of the Glamazon are familiar with his sharp tongue and fearless nature, and his new book, GuRu, does not disappoint. Full of 80 stunning never-before-seen photos, RuPaul shares the insights and philosophies that have guided him through his life and career.

For over 35 years, RuPaul has broken down barriers and helped shape the drag culture as we know it. As Jane Fonda says in the foreword of this book, “He has done this by being who he really is, but finding the best and most powerful version of that person was a journey.” Readers of GuRu will experience the lessons learned and perspectives formed from that journey throughout the pages of this book.

While GuRu touches on all topics from fashion advice to relationships and commentary on drag to business success, the heart of this book is filled with love. Learning to self-love, surrounding yourself with people who have your best interests at heart, and distinguishing what (and who) are toxic in your life are all important lessons that RuPaul stresses to his readers. He writes, “Shine, baby, shine for you. It is about self-preservation. It is the law of nature. It is about investing time in yourself and making sure you have enough love, that you’ve allotted love for yourself by taking the time to be kind to yourself and having some gratitude for this beautiful gift you’ve been given that is life. Being kind to myself is my gift to the world.”

The best parts of the book are the iconic “Ruisms” and photos. RuPaul writes about a few of the wigs and outfits featured, and each one is more fabulous than the last. The quotes are amazing and range from “Sashay all day, everyday” and “Your fear of looking stupid is holding you back” to “You’re born naked, and the rest is shading and contouring” and “Throwing shade takes a bit of creativity. Being a bitch takes none.” Each phrase is bold, inspiring, and at times hilarious – just like RuPaul.

While GuRu is not a roadmap to success or self-love – it’s a book full of bite-size anecdotes meant to inspire and entertain. It is a “must read” for fans of the world’s most famous shape-shifter and those who need a little encouragement to live their best life.

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Brynn Devereaux
Brynn Devereaux
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