Many people find relaxation after a stressful day in the form of a mineral salt soak to help rejuvenate the mind, detoxify the skin, and bring balance to the body. Dead Sea salts are still popular, but pink Himalayan salt products have become increasing popular among those in the natural products crowd. Not only is pink Himalayan salt good for lamps throughout the home to ionize and reduce microbes, the ground salt is excellent mixed with essential oils and used as a therapeutic regimen.


Himalayan pink salt was formed from ancient marine fossil deposits during the Jurassic era and are over 250 million years old. The salt is obtained from the sea beds of the fossilized marine remains and was typically used by earlier humans as a means to preserve fish, meats, and other proteins during the winter season. The salt was a highly sought commodity used for trading and bartering of other goods or services before the inception of currency.

Himalayan pink salt is generally mined in the mountainous regions of Pakistan where it is extracted by hand without the harmful uses of explosives and heavy mechanical equipment. The process of hand mining the salt assures purity without explosive or mechanical pollutants.

The salt has many beneficial uses, ranging from culinary seasoning to aromatherapy spa products. The salt is a good replacement for traditional table salt and contains a higher mineral content as well as being purer in quality. Therapeutically, Himalayan pink salt is used to relax and detoxify the body, assist with relief from skin rashes and psoriasis, stimulate the circulatory system, alleviate flu and fever symptoms, and soothe tired-sore muscles. The salt is very beneficial to the body when used externally as a salt bath or an exfoliating scrub, especially combined with essential oils to promote healing, relaxation, detoxification, and stimulation.

Himalayan pink salt typically has a profile of over 84 minerals and trace elements such as iron, potassium, copper, and magnesium. Because of its rich-mineral content, regular usage in food seasoning provides essential mineral components not found in table salt. The benefits of ingesting the salt are excellent and include balancing body pH and electrolytes, assist with nutrient absorption and purge toxins from the body.