It seems
Like to the left and to the right
We are falling
Like the leaves in autumn
The brainwashed and fearful
Deride our existence

But God says otherwise
We are here for reasons
Unknown to anyone but the Universe
That One Verse
From which all comes
We are the bridge people
Between man and woman
Agender, Demigender
We are here
And our numbers grow
Like the swelling of the tide
Multiples shells on the sea shore


There is no accident
That our lives are used
By craven predators
To get votes and pass laws
The wicked need a distraction
For the masses
To obscure their intentions
Of inhumanity
And robbery
We are the alarm sounding the cry
The sirens of a new day
In which people of all walks
Bathe in the light of dignity
Enjoy the pleasures of liberty
We walk on
Thru trial and travail
Forging paths
For generations to come
As who they truly are
And ever will be

Progress comes from action
Our progress is beyond
letter of law
Or script of pen
Progress is found
In our humanization
Our own acknowledgement
That the patchwork quilt
Of humanity’s life
Cannot shine without
The gender variant
There is no rainbow
No brilliant light
Without the gleam
Of trans rights

We Are Led Like Sheep

We are led like sheep

To the slaughter

On the altar of ignorance

We resist

The bribe to be

A lie

And the truth we reflect

Is the truth they deny

Killing us

They are murdering themselves

Unwanted attractions

Causing reactions

In the deepest part of

Scarred psyches

Abused souls

Festering  wounds

Of being whole



She was killed

Because she dared to live

In the freedom

Of authencity

Those who live lies

Could not see her beauty

So delusional

Madmen not 1960

Insanity 2017

Transboys no longer wanting to serve

Said lie

Rejecting misplaced female assignments

What happens when life gets to rough

When the boy inside of assigned girl

Dares to scream for life

Only to fall on deaf ears

Does anybody hear the sound

Of a transboy’s suicide


Another requiem for the dead

More platitudes of promise

For unity


But as we walk away

Have we forgotten

Who we just remembered

In our mini wars


Have we forgotten

Who we just remembered

We are led like sheep

To the slaughter on the altar of ignorance.

In our fight for nonprofit dollars

Designing programs nobody comes to

Because we are afraid to leave our homes

Killers, rapists, and general devils

Seek to cast beauty into hell

With instruments of death

We are led like sheep to the slaughter on the altar of ignorance.

And yet for the living

We embrace the dawn

And curse the light shining through blinds

Another day of grinding to live

As shaman and entertainer

As comedian and scapegoat

Who knew trans folks could damn America

For just existing

Would have thought it would have been the karma

Of enslavement

Or genocide



I am the dream of Sylvia

A child of Marsha

The nephew of Goodrum

The godchild of James

Sheep led to the slaughter on the altar of ignorance

Know the power

Of Our Sacrifice. t

– Merrick Moss