Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman 2017

In the history of women’s leather, one of the most important groups is Lesbian Sex Mafia, the oldest continuously run BDSM support group in the U.S. The group is coming back to the forefront and kicking some ass in N.Y.C. and beyond. I met Bianca Spencer last year during a women’s history panel with LSM members. I met her again when I had the good fortune and honor of marching with LSM in the N.Y.C. Pride Parade. The Brooklyn resident made an amazing impression on me, seeming to have a quiet strength and desire to help the group flourish and the dedication to help make that happen. If you have not met her yet, I hope you have the opportunity sooner rather than later.

Alex “Bear” Conley: How did you discover the leather community and how long have you been involved?

Bianca Spencer: I’ve always loved leather – my mother always told me it was a better investment – thanks mom! A few years ago, I was exploring other areas of the N.Y.C. kink community, I ran across the leather double feature at Cinekink. I had never found or heard a definition of leather that I was satisfied with, so I decided to check it out. One was about a gay men’s leather club in London and the other was High Shine. I sat in the theater frozen as these movies were speaking to me on whole other level than just entertainment. It was erotic and comforting all at the same time, it all made sense. I started looking into local leather that fit for me and stumbled across Lesbian Sex Mafia.

AC: What place has better pizza – Chicago or New York?

BS: New York,fuggedaboutit. I have an ongoing love affair with Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn.

AC: What is your favorite quality in another human being?

BS: Empathy. The ability to understand what fellow humans are feeling could truly change how we as a society work/live with each other

AC: Risk-taker or careful planner?

BS: Both. I’m a true Gemini, complete split personality. I need to outline my life, but I am also the very same girl who sits in the chair of her tattoo artist and lets her have artistic license without a worry. Who’s up for sky diving?

AC: What is your favorite accomplishment outside of the leather community?

BS: The village of people who raised me instilled a fighting spirit and the drive to get things done. I continue to use those qualities to work on my PTSD remission. It’s still there, but it’s not the monkey on my back controlling my life. These past few year has been a marathon of firsts and hard work to even get to that place.

AC: What is your favorite thing about the leather community?

BS: Seeing all the cuties dressed up.

AC: Who is your favorite villain of all time?

BS: Dolores Umbridge, she could teach classes on throwing shade.

AC: Free form time – What is a message you would really like to share with all the people reading this?

BS: I am passionate about supporting our small/local groups, the groups everyone loves but that are disappearing faster and faster. I love learning about leather history, but I see and hear the list of clubs and groups that have shut down getting longer and longer. For many of us, the political climate is bleeding into our lives from every direction. We need to be able to pull out of the stressors and into communities that hold space for us. If we don’t support our own communities, becoming members, volunteering time or going to events, eventually there won’t be space left. I sometimes forget about my life before leather and kink, but I couldn’t go back to it. I love that Alex is creating a way of us reconnecting to each other. Thank you Alex for asking me to participate and congratulations on your title year!