London, England – An LGBT+ ER nurse has begged gay men to stop going out and bragging about it on social media and said they should protect themselves and others from coronavirus. While many around the world are following government advice to stay at home and avoid unnecessary socializing, others are ignoring the rules. If they catch COVID-19 they may get seriously sick themselves – even young people are ending up in hospitals. But even more importantly, they will inevitably spread the coronavirus to more people who may be vulnerable and could die. Meanwhile, others responded to the ER nurse, saying people are still hooking up on apps like Grindr and having sex parties. Because people during sex swap saliva, semen and sweat, it is a high risk for passing on coronavirus.

            The Emergency Room nurse posted the message on an LGBT+ Reddit board. The nurse said, [I] worked countless hours trying to protect myself and others and treat patients’ and only had “limited” personal protective equipment. “And seeing posts saying things about how fun the weekend was or how great it was to go out after a depressing week of news makes me sick. . . There’s a time and a place for everything. During this pandemic going out is absolutely not the time to be going to festivals, bars and clubs and bragging about it. . . As an ER nurse working in the frontline, this is the biggest slap in the face ever.”

            One bisexual guy commented: “If HIV couldn’t stop people from having unprotected sex with a stranger, you really think COVID-19 will stop them from going out? People are choosing to be ignorant because partying, sex and drugs is more important than a fucking life. You might not be that affected by it, but some boomer, or a cancer patient going through treatment, people whose immune systems are weak, they can die because of your lifestyle. Please stay at home.” And another guy said dating apps are busier than ever. “It’s becoming painfully obvious that a lot of gay men are all drawing from the same two brain cells.” Moreover, doctors and nurses in Italy have urged the world to shut down now. They say that if people don’t act, the virus will overtake them. In the north of Italy, COVID-19 has overwhelmed a sophisticated health system with hospitals struggling to care for those who need treatment. (Gay Star News – Tris Reid-Smith at