Washington, D.C. – The Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC) released survey data showing that 92% of LGBTQ+ adults living in the United States have received at least one coronavirus vaccination dose. The foundation focuses on understanding and encouraging the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals globally. The 2021 LGBTQ Community Survey, generated by the HRC Foundation, Wells Fargo and CMI Media Group, gathered data from approximately 15,000 self-identified LGBTQ+ respondents in the US. This year’s version, the 15th since the survey began, is the first one to include a focus on LGBTQ+ individuals and coronavirus vaccination data.

Survey respondents reported high rates of vaccination. The percentages of those who reported receiving at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine were: 93% of gay and bisexual men, 92% of transgender and nonbinary individuals, 92% of lesbian and bisexual women

“There are many reasons why LGBTQ+ vaccination rates may be higher than the general population, including higher percentages of the LGBTQ+ community being liberal, living in blue states, and living in urban areas,” stated CMI Senior Director of Research, David Paisley. “We also see that COVID isolation significantly impacted LGBTQ+ people, which may have motivated quick vaccination to reenter the community.” Isolation hit members of the LGBTQ+ community particularly hard during COVID: Many inclusive spaces were shut down due to lack of funding, and individuals were unable to interact with their support systems on a consistent basis. Further, LGBTQ+ individuals have higher rates of underlying health conditions that can make them more susceptible to contracting the virus, and caution about infection may have led to further isolation. Out of the survey respondents, 59% said COVID-19 made them feel socially isolated, while 50% said that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted their mental wellbeing. A desire to reconnect with others (as well as the world) could be a reason as to why members of the LGBTQ+ community in the US are getting vaccinated at such astonishingly high rates. (Seattle Gay News – Hannah Saunders at http://sgn.org/sgnnews49_35/page19.cfm)