While you may know that the Pride Festival will be held in Druid Hill Park on Sunday, June 18th, here’s info on saving time and frustration getting there.

First, there’s major construction going on around the reservoir at Druid Hill Park, drastically reducing the available parking. If at all possible, you should avoid driving to the festival, to avoid the massive headache of parking.

Second, June 18th is also the first day of the changeover from the current bus lines to the new BaltimoreLink routes with new names and numbers, all across the city. Because of that, it’s very important to plan ahead, and make sure you know which of the new bus lines will service your neighborhood, and the lines you need to take to Druid Hill Park.

On the upside, to make up for the inconvenience of learning the new system, the Maryland Department of Transportation will offer two weeks of free transit rides from June 18th through June 30th as part of the official launch of BaltimoreLink. Free rides will be offered on Local Bus, Express Bus, Light Rail, and Metro Subway.

So not only will taking public transit to the festival save you the money and headache of parking, but it will be free. It doesn’t get much better than that.

For more information about bus routes and which have replaced the lines in your area, visit Mta.maryland.gov/baltimorelink. This part of the site has the best interactive bus line maps. According to this site, the new CityLink Yellow line, which replaces the 5 route, would be the ideal new route to use to the park. For most Baltimore residents, it will be best to travel by bus or Metro Subway to the Mondawmin Metro stop, then transfer to the CityLink Yellow line bus. To access route schedules and actual stop lists, go to Baltimorelink.com/schedules.

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