Hope for an HIV cure; 40 years and counting

Charlotte, NC – Forty years after the start of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the United States, more than 1.2 million people are living with HIV in the country and there are more than 35,000 new infections each year. (At the end of 2020 there were 31,676 people living with diagnosed HIV in Maryland and 724 new cases diagnosed during the year. Baltimore City and Prince George’s County had the highest infection rates.) Antiretroviral treatment, often known as ART, has drastically impacted treatment over the past decade, meaning that people with HIV can live long and healthy lives. While not a […]

Gay Mountaineers take rainbow flag to highest summits

Courmayeur, Italy – David Hudson reports for Queerty that a group of queer mountaineers recently took photos of themselves waving a rainbow flag at the top of Mont Blanc. The mountain is the highest peak in the Alps and Western Europe. The display of LGBTQ pride, which took place September 21, is part of a visibility campaign called Pink Summits. The campaign’s aim is for mountaineers to carry a rainbow flag to the highest mountains of each continent, including Everest, the so-called Seven Summits. Besides caring the flag, the mountaineers document their journey, share their experiences, fundraise for local LGBTQ+ […]

“Ex-Gay” Yiannopoulos speaks at Penn State; Baltimore next

State College, PA – “Ex-gay” activist Milo Yiannopoulos took his side show to Penn State Wednesday, November 3 for a “Pray The Gay Away” ceremony. The event was hosted by the controversial student group Uncensored America, which was created last year “to empower young Americans to fight for free speech in order to make American culture free and fun again,” according its website. According to the event’s page, the “ex-gay global political sensation” was to talk about everything from free speech to conversion therapy to hair style. Tickets ranged from $15-$55. Many students and faculty have voiced their opposition to […]

Professor quits after students protest her anti-trans views

Falmer, East Sussex, England – LGBT+ students at the University of Sussex have welcomed news that professor Kathleen Stock is to leave the institution. Students have been organizing under the slogan “Stock Out” since October 6, when they launched a campaign calling on the university to terminate Stock’s employment over her trans-exclusionary views and position as trustee of anti-trans charity LGB Alliance. On Wednesday October 28, vice chancellor Adam Tickell told staff and students that Stock “has decided to leave the university”. In a Twitter thread, Stock said she is “sad to announce” that she is leaving the University of […]

Young Lesbian diagnosed with homosexuality in Spain

Murcia, Spain – Sam Jones reports in The Guardian that a family and an LGBT collective in south-east Spain are demanding answers and an apology after a 19-year-old gay woman who visited a gynecologist over a menstrual condition was diagnosed with “homosexuality”. The woman went to an appointment at the Reina Sofía hospital in the city of Murcia. After being examined she was given a piece of paper that included the line: “Current illness: homosexual.” The woman’s mother told the online paper elDiario.es that the gynecologist had asked her daughter whether he could include her sexual orientation in his report, […]

Philadelphia Trans community holds annual Trans March

Philadelphia, PA – In the continued fight for transgender rights, roughly 200 people showed up to the annual Philly Trans March (PTM), the peaceful rally demanding justice, liberation, equity and safety for Philadelphia’s trans community, especially for queer and trans, Black and indigenous people of color (QTBIPOC). Trans activist of color Christian A’Xavier Lovehall founded PTM in 2011. Organizers and supporters assembled October 9 in Washington Square Park and wound their way around the Society Hill neighborhood, chanting in choral call and response and stopping at various intervals to have trans and nonbinary individuals address the crowd. PTM organizer Bri […]

Buckingham Palace may be built on site of Gay brothel

London, England –  Alex Cooper writes in The Advocate that in the 1600s, a gay brothel may have occupied the location where Buckingham Palace now sites, according to some historians. The LGBTQ+ historian Norton Rictor wrote in 2013 that Gay cruising spots and brothels may have started operating in London around the start of the 17th century, reported PinkNews. The essay, “The Gay Subculture in Early Eighteenth-Century London,” noted that Clement Walker, an English politician, wrote in 1649 about brothels and gay male sex workers. He wrote that there were “new-erected sodoms and spintries at the Mulberry Garden at S. […]

March for women’s reproductive rights in Seattle

Seattle, WA – On Saturday, October 2, hundreds of people gathered in front of Seattle’s Westlake Center to protest recent attacks on women’s reproductive rights. Outrage sparked across the country after Texas passed the “heartbeat bill,” making it illegal for people in the state of Texas to receive an abortion after six weeks into their pregnancy. Although the law applies only to Texans, people across the country see it as an overt attack on women’s rights everywhere and fear it could lead to federal challenges against Roe v. Wade. Before an audience in pink hats, the gathering in Downtown Seattle […]

North Carolina’s Lt. Governor continues to spew hate

Charlotte, NC – North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson is at it again. Seems the right wing super conservative, who also refers to himself as “a man of God,” just can’t stop embarrassing the state on a relatively regular basis with a variety of anti-LGBTQ comments. On October 6, the progressive Right-Wing Watch website, a conservative watchdog organization, posted a clip on Twitter of Robinson speaking at Asbury Baptist Church in Seagrove, North Carolina this past June when he made the following comments: “There’s no reason anybody, anywhere in America should be telling any child about transgenderism, homosexuality, any of […]

Priorities for Maryland’s Commission on LGBT Affairs

Thanks to the efforts of Delegate Qi and several co-sponsors, the General Assembly passed HB 130 in 2021, establishing a long overdue Commission on LGBT Affairs. The bill finally passed, becoming law without the Governor’s signature, after a similar bill succeeded in the House but languished in the Senate in 2020. The law establishing the Commission takes effect on October 1, just in time for National Coming Out Day on October 11. After a director and 15 commissioners are appointed, the Commission should be operational by early 2022.   Given Maryland’s deep blue hue on the electoral map, and the […]