Sealed Away: Back In the Closet

For nearly the last 10 days I have been in relative isolation as COVID—19starts its growth in the United States. The grocery stores have been sold out; businesses are closed. Social life in my city has more or less slowed to a crawl. Fear and apprehension lay like a blanket of tar across the city. Everyone is terrified, nobody is taking things seriously. Somehow these things are both true. My sole contact has been with my partner and with the world through digital means. With Trans Day of Visibility coming up on March31, what does it mean to be visible […]

The Humbling Tale of Lovesac

I have found myself with a sizeable uptick in the amount of couch time I have each week. The mental fatigue from existing at this current juncture has me spending more time mindlessly binging, or shooting my way through the Wolfenstein games while my wife visits islands on Animal Crossing. Even before this, our couches were on their last legs, figuratively, because they never sent the legs when we purchased them. All 80lbs of our dog lumbering on them day in and out, as well as never being the best in quality had worn the cushions down to thin, lumpy […]

I Am Freaked Out and I Want My Mom

The first time it happened, a couple of weeks ago, I was waking up from a nap. My eyes were moist. The dream began to fade but the emotion lingered, and so did the central image. Mom was standing in the kitchen, looking at me fondly, saying something reassuring. It doesn’t matter what. It was Mom. She died three year ago. The memory of her aches. Especially now. Even though I keep saying I am fine during this isolation, even with the privileges I enjoy, the house and the stocked fridge and the attentive husband, my dreams know better. They tell […]

The Show Must Go On: Where We Stand at Baltimore Center Stage

“A Man—a member of our community—comes before us. He knows he has wronged us but asks that we show him mercy. He starts to tell us his story…” So begins the story of Where We Stand, the extraordinary new work by playwright Donnetta Lavinia Grays which is currently streaming online via Baltimore Center Stage through April 26th. Where We Stand tells the story of a man stripped of companionship, and how just one kind stranger can tip the scales. This brand-new fable of penance is a supernatural tale of loneliness seduced by kindness, and asks audiences “what do we owe […]

The whole story: an interview with The Half of It writer/director Alice Wu

In 2004, a few years after Ang Lee’s The Wedding Banquet and a few years before Awkwafina’s The Farewell, lesbian filmmaker Alice Wu’s acclaimed indie film debut Saving Face introduced audiences to one of our first out queer Asian female characters, Wil (played by Michelle Krusiec). The movie closely examined Wil’s relationship with her very traditional mother played by award-winning actress Joan Chen (The Last Emperor, Twin Peaks). A hit on the festival and art house circuits, Saving Face was also a wonderful introduction to a promising filmmaker. As Wu elucidates in the following interview, much happened between the release […]

The New Normal

By Rodney Burger I have always been intrigued by the English language. I even taught high school English when I first got out of college. Our language is always changing and evolving. Each year the Merriam-Webster Dictionary adds new words. In 2019 “vacay”, “escape room”, “colorism”, “fatberg” and more were added. We have added lots of new words and phrases to our vocabularies in the last few years such as “fake news” and “alternative facts.” There is a new phrase now that I hear and read every day to describe our current life under the coronavirus restrictions: “the new normal.” […]

Being Loved by The Church

My life as a Christian changed when I transition back on October 1, 2010. The following Sunday I had to face the toughest decision since my transition, whether to go to church again. The church that I was attending I loved, because it was the church where I gave my life to Christ. Back in my earlier days I use to be a DJ on the side at parties and make 8 track and cassette tapes. Ok, I’m really giving my age away and yes, I am 63 years young. Anyway, God drew me to him through music. I knew […]

Baltimore Comes Together For Support, Resources Amid COVID-19

From free meals for youth and food support, to child care for health care workers and first responders, to check-in calls for seniors, Baltimore residents and medical professionals are coming together during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and finding new ways to support each other. We asked Dr. Richard Bruno, interim site medical director at Chase Brexton Health Care’s Mt. Vernon Center, to discuss some basics about COVID-19, and how Baltimore’s residents and medical professionals have banded together to weather these challenging times. What are some common symptoms of COVID-19? How can mild symptoms be treated? The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) most […]

Responding Reasonably #2: Sex and Coronavirus

Q. The way people are talking, it sounds like we’re all likely to die…are we? A. No. The chance of dying from Covid-19 is only one in a hundred, 1%. That is a low rate, but keep in mind that it is 10 times higher than the death rate from the flu, which is one in a thousand, or 0.1%. That is the average: the rate of serious illness and death from Covid-19 increases with older age and underlying medical conditions (more on this below.) The chance of becoming infected with Covid-19 is much higher, over 50% by the time […]

Unprecedented Times call for Unprecedented Measures

During this unprecedented time, the safety, health & wellbeing of our community is our highest priority. We’ve worked diligently to figure out how to best serve our patients, our community, our staff, and the greater movement in the battle against COVID-19. To contribute, Belcara Health has launched the following new programs: Emergency Care Accidents will continue to happen; people will still need non-viral medical care. To ease the stress on the heroic emergency doctors and nurses, help patients avoid long wait times in overwhelmed facilities, and reduce their risk of infection, Belcara Health’s physicians are available 24/7 to treat facial […]