Taking Care of Our Community Transgender politics in focus

Since my last writing about the very personal and intimate sting of the news cycle, which revealed proposals to redefine sex and gender in a way that would roll back years of diligent work and progress that brought awareness to the true nature of gender, I’ve though more about how we take care of ourselves and our community and all the ways we can do more. As we begin Transgender Awareness Month, we’ll have many opportunities to gather in support and solidarity with transgender individuals. Many of us will attend a vigil to honor the Transgender Day of Remembrance. We […]

Amid Anger, Sadness, and Fear

The news cycle has been full of troubling and confusing news for the LGBTQ community this past week. Like many of you, I’ve been reading lots of articles, thought leadership and activism reacting to what appears to be information “leaked” out of the federal government threatening changes in the definitions of a person’s gender as solely determined by their sex at birth. I’ve had moments of anger and sadness, and fear. Through it all, what’s remained top of mind for me as the Director of the LGBT Health Resource Center (LHRC) at Chase Brexton is this: We provide welcoming and […]

Finding Her Calling A profile of Karen Bellesky – Chase Brexton’s longest-serving employee

It took a little while before Karen Bellesky’s new job became her calling – all of two months. Hired in April 1992 as Chase Brexton Health Care’s first registered dietician, Karen wasn’t familiar with the clinic and believed she was taking just another job. Instead, she was deeply moved by the dedication of her colleagues and the great struggles her patients faced, and quickly became a passionate advocate for Chase Brexton’s work. The turning point came about two months into her tenure, when Karen met with a person dying of AIDS and the patient’s partner. The couple playfully asked how […]

Chase-Brexton Charm Ball 2018 Raises More Than $240,000

Chase Brexton Health Care’s Charm Ball 2018 succeeded in raising more than $240,000 to support Chase Brexton’s patients during an exciting, fun-filled evening on September 22nd honoring the community health center’s 40th anniversary. More than 500 attendees came together at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel for a journey through four decades of welcoming, affirming care. Current and former board members and staff guided guests through the challenges and victories of decades past and shared an exciting glimpse of what’s to come. All funds raised supported the Hope Lives Here Fund, which assists Chase Brexton patients with critical needs. “It’s only […]

Chase Brexton to commemorate 40 years of service Charm Ball 2018

Chase Brexton Health Care will honor its four decades of welcoming, affirming care with a special journey through the organization’s past, present, and future at Charm Ball 2018, set for Saturday, September 22nd at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel. Current and former board members and staff will guide guests through the challenges and victories of decades past and share an exciting glimpse of what’s to come, all in support of Chase Brexton’s Hope Lives Here Fund, serving some of Maryland’s most vulnerable populations. Tickets are now available at Charmball.org. “Founded by and for the LGBT community in 1978, Chase Brexton has […]

Seeking Support for Coping with Alzheimer’s Disease

Facing a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, or the prospect of caring for someone suffering from it, can be terrifying for LGBT elders. Fortunately, resources and a support group of others living the same experience is available. Those resources and information about the group will be presented at an upcoming Lunch & Learn workshop hosted by the LGBT Health Resource Center and the Alzheimer’s Association’s Greater Maryland Chapter. The workshop will be held at Chase Brexton Health Care’s Mount Vernon Center (1111 North Charles Street) on Tuesday, September 13th from noon to 1:30 pm. We asked Junnell Daniels, education coordinator with […]

On National Health Center Week, Honoring the Role of Community Health Centers in LGBT Care

Though LGBTQ folks have made enormous leaps in legal protections and decreasing cultural stigma, that progress is deeply uneven across identity and geography. Many people in our communities still struggle to find a health care provider who shows us respect and understands our needs, and community health centers serve a special role in meeting those needs. And we do have specific needs – for example, lesbian and same-gender-loving women are at higher risk for breast cancer, but get routine screenings far less frequently. Transgender care is a whole field of specialty unto itself, and providers are almost never equipped with […]

OPENING THE DOOR TO Affirming, Affordable Home Health Care for LGBT Elders

Chase Brexton / LGBT Health Resource Center Many LGBT elders struggle to find welcoming, affirming health care providers – and the stakes can be even higher when they consider opening their doors to in-home assistance. The issues surrounding personal home care for LGBT elders, as well as tips for finding the right provider, will be discussed at an upcoming Lunch & Learn workshop offered by The LGBT Health Resource Center on Thursday, August 9th from noon to 1:30 pm at Chase Brexton Health Care’s Mount Vernon Center (1111 North Charles Street, Baltimore). We asked Suzanne Bartley, business development executive with […]

Love Your Liver

 Chase Brexton Health Care Millions of people worldwide are affected by hepatitis, a viral disease spread through blood contact which attacks the liver. Each year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention observes July 28th as World Hepatitis Day, an opportunity to recognize those impacted by the disease and spread awareness of the availability of a cure. Here in Baltimore, Chase Brexton Health Care is leading the efforts against hepatitis C, a common form of the disease often found in baby boomers. Chase Brexton’s Infectious Disease Center of Excellence has developed a comprehensive and effective treatment program which successfully cured […]

LGBTQ Police Liaison to give talk at Chase Brexton, July 12th

Personal safety remains a top concern for many LGBT individuals, especially in light of violent incidents directed toward members of Baltimore’s LGBTQ community in recent years. Too often, police are not viewed as allies in addressing these concerns – and are sometimes even seen as threats themselves. The issues and more will be discussed in an open conversation between LGBT elders and Sgt. Kevin Bailey, the LGBTQ community liaison for the Baltimore Police Department (BPD), at an upcoming Lunch & Learn workshop presented by The LGBT Health Resource Center of Chase Brexton Health Care on July 12th. Sgt. Bailey discussed […]