Advice from a sex therapist for couples in quarantine

Has this pandemic got you down? Has all the forced togetherness wrecked your sex life? For some couples, being quarantined with your partner for weeks on end might result in a lot more sex since you’re spending more time together. But for many couples, the added stresses of being cooped up together have dampened or wiped out their libidos. Diminished sexual activity can be a big loss, and it can be particularly painful during Pride month, when you would normally want to be out and about celebrating with others. If your relationship is suffering from a sexual drought, I’m here […]

Riding the News Roller Coaster, and Finding Our Place in the Fight

Once again, the news cycle has us on a roller coaster ride of extreme emotions. Late last week, the Trump administration dismantled the LGBT nondiscrimination provisions rule of the Affordable Care Act. The announcement of this action was callously made on the anniversary of the PULSE massacre and during a pandemic. On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that discrimination against LGBT people is covered under the sex discrimination provisions of Title VII. This is a landmark ruling, a sea change. These two announcements contradict each other in every way. The pendulum swing is extreme and confusing. All of this comes […]

More on Summer Sun and the Keto Diet

Dear Dr. Eva, My objection to the keto diets my friends describes is that they are very meat-heavy. I’m a quasi-vegetarian, which means I try to eat as little animal protein as possible. So, no keto for me! Quasi-V Dear Quasi-V, You are right. I can’t think of any way to put together a vegetarian ketogenic diet, since most vegetable proteins like nuts and beans include carbohydrates (starch). There also are important health, economic, and environmental reasons to decrease meat intake. Dr. Eva Dear Dr. Eva, When I tried a Keto diet, I got the worst heartburn I’ve ever had. […]

Can Loneliness Be Good?

Think of painters, writers, innovators, coders, composers or researchers, and many other careers or pursuits that really require functioning ALONE. Being by yourself is mandated, by definition, to provide that state of mind that allows to create, to focus and to work towards a defined goal. The human mind needs that quiet time, that sense of being in flow with the process of being immersed in a self-introspective state. So why do we complain of being lonely, of having more anxiety and depressive thoughts as a result? You may have read or heard all of the recent emphasis on how […]

Is your bladder working normally?

Seems like an odd topic for a physical therapist to bring up, but then I am not your ordinary physical therapist!  I see people with bladder issues as a pelvic physical therapist all the time, even if they are coming to me for another problem, such as E.D. back pain or pelvic pain, as they are all related!  The pelvic floor muscles control how we pee, poo and have sex.  They are the muscles at the bottom of our torso and are suppose to play well with the back and abdominal muscles, but sometimes they argue over who has what […]

Is Summer Sun Sun Really Fun?

Dear Dr. Eva, I like to get a tan and keep it through the summer. I’ve been doing this for years. I tan gradually and don’t let myself get burned. Do I need to worry about skin cancer? Glowworm   Dear Glowworm, Unfortunately, there is no safe tan. Although a gradually developed tan can protect some people from sunburn, tanning is caused by the same ultraviolet light frequencies which cause skin cancer, ultraviolet (UV) A and B. People who tend to tan rather than burn do have a lower baseline risk of skin cancer, but they increase their risk with […]

Chaos Around Us

While we were coping with social distancing, quarantine, isolation, and fear of an invisible virus, as I write this, we are seeing the powerful reactions in our cities to George Floyd’s killing. It is impossible not to be affected by this and of course, certainly not in the LGBTQ community. Any group that is treated as an outgroup, whatever the criterion may be, is familiar with the feelings towards the injustice and discrimination. How are you dealing with this state of the country? How are your relationships and your mind coping with the anxiety, anger, frustration, and depressive thoughts over […]

Fusion 2020

Baltimore can get cold in the winter! Mind you, I said can get cold, but lately it seems to be more temperate – maybe it’s the fake news of “Global Warming” conspiracy by the Democrats …oops! Anyhoo … Who here remembers leaving the outside water tap open just enough to allow a trickle of water when temperatures got below freezing? We did, but why? Exactly! If the water sits still in the pipe during freezing temperatures then the water will freeze and burst your pipes, and who wants that disaster? If the water is moving, even at a trickle, it […]

The Sun and Me

A discussion with Caroline Harvey of Belcara Health Preparing your skin for summer   By Caroline Harvey Q: “I love how I look with a tan, is it really that bad for my skin?” A: Thank you for this important question! Summer is around the corner, and after months of quarantining, we’re all more than ready to get outside! Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “healthy tan.” Tanned skin is damaged skin; damage that could have long-lasting, potentially life-threatening, consequences. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the leading cause of skin damage. Too much unprotected sun exposure significantly […]

Celebrating National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day 2020

With so many LGBT older adults isolated at home and cut off from their usual sources of support, National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day came directly to them this year with online stories, videos, and memories of those who created the path and led the way. Organized by the LGBT Health Resource Center in 2016 and added to the nation’s official registry of days that same year, National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day has grown with each annual celebration. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the celebration to go online, but we received dozens of memories and heartfelt stories from […]