High Court rules LGBT workers are protected by federal law

Washington, D.C. – The US Supreme Court has ruled LGBTQ workers are protected under federal law. The justices’ decisions came in three cases and will impact millions of LGBTQ workers. Two of the cases concerned employees who said that they were discriminated against based upon their sexual orientation. The third case was about whether an employer could discriminate against workers because of their gender identity. Although the ruling is a great victory for LGBTQ communities, two of the three employees died before their claims of unlawful employment discrimination were vindicated.             The court held that the Civil Rights Act of […]

In Remembrance: Jay Loane

Jabez “Jay” Whitford Loane, V, who worked for a number of years in several capacities for Baltimore OUTloud, died on April 30th, 2020. Although he had been in failing health for some time, he died peacefully in his sleep at his home in Edgewood, where he lived with his longtime friend and companion Michael (Magoo) Serio. He was 57 years old. In 1993, Jay joined the staff of Gay Life as a sales manager. He soon took on other responsibilities, including photographer and occasional columnist, writing a very popular column called “People We Like.” After Baltimore OUTloud launched, he joined […]

Larry Kramer, Pioneering AIDS Provocateur, Dies

Larry Kramer, whose take-no-prisoners rhetoric defined the early period of AIDS activism, died May 27th. He was 84. According to Kramer’s husband, David Webster, he died from pneumonia. Kramer had contended with health problems for much of his adult life, including HIV, liver disease, and a successful liver transplant. “Larry helped keep us focused,” Rob Folan-Johnson of ACT UP told Baltimore OUTloud. “His anger was infectious and damned useful. If he hadn’t been at that meeting at rhe Gay and Lesbian Center that night to declare that an organized political force was needed to fight for our lives and against […]

Conversation With Mimi Demissew from The Pride Center

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak, businesses are facing dilemmas due to quarantine restrictions, travel bans, event cancellations, and so on. Baltimore OUTloud sat down with the Pride Center of Maryland’s Executive Director, Mimi Demissew, to learn about the latest updates on services, plans for the Pride Center, the status of Baltimore Gay Pride 2020 and more. Charles Smalls: How has the Pride Center, specifically the populations you serve, been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic? Mimi Demissew: The way that it’s most affected us is that we’ve had to close down our center to the public. One of the […]

The Pride Center of Maryland During a Pandemic

The Pride Center of Maryland is doing its level best to stay connected to the community and to help the growing needs of our community during these unprecedented times. It is true we do live in one of the richest countries in the world and yet this virus is shining a spot light on the many flaws we still have to fix. Namely, we need better safety nets to protect the people of this country. Maryland, as a State, is doing an exceptional job in trying to mitigate the economic impact that we are all currently facing. For instance, unemployment […]

Our Children: Keeping Our Kids Busy During Quarantine

Are you struggling to provide enough activity for your kids while they are stuck at home? Here are some ideas to help get them moving and have fun while doing so. The most efficient way to make sure your kids are getting enough movement is to limit their screen time. Most of the time when we are watching tv, playing video games or on a tablet we are sedentary. Limiting screen time helps encourage creativity and physical activity in children. Here are some ideas and activities to consider for you and your kids during quarantine: Scavenger Hunts. For variety, throw […]

Same Sex Marriage Question Included in 2020 Census

By Bill Redmond-Palmer This year the twenty-fourth census is currently underway, and it’s important that everyone participates, to ensure that Maryland receives all the funding and representation it deserves. The United States Constitution requires that a census of the entire population, citizens and noncitizens alike in all the states and territories be made every ten years. The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution directs that the census will be used to determine the number of members of the U.S. House of Representatives from each state, and it is used to allocate hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding and services […]


Baltimore’s first Circus Drag Show brings together local drag and circus performers, showcasing the beauty and artistry of the Moulin Rouge, high-flying aerial acts, and tantalizing drag. The doors open at 7 pm and the show begins at 8 on Saturday, March 21st at Mobtown Ballroom (861 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore). The talented cast includes Thomas Martin, Venus Fastrada, Kyle Suib, Vagenisis, Kelly Jo Chartier and Virya Savashana. Tipping the entertainers is encouraged and appreciated. Tickets are $22.85, standing room only, and are available online at Bit.ly/2wJwwQU. For more info, visit Bit.ly/2TzjA9i, or email Thomas Martin at tmcirque@gmail.com.

Drag Bingo at Camp Severn Shore

Join host Evon Dior Michelle on Thursday, March 19th and every third Thursday from 9 to 11 pm for Drag Bingo at Camp Severn Shore (126 West Street, Annapolis). She will be joined by other performers for an evening of fun and great prizes. Tickets are $15 at the door, and advance purchase tickets are $10 online at Bit.ly/3aEH6r9. For more info visit Bit.ly/337DlrU.

Drunk Spelling Bee

Did you ace the spelling bees in school? Or perhaps you lost, and it left you wondering whether you really knew how to speak English. Either way, this “adult” spelling bee will give you the chance to show off your skills on Wednesday, March 25th, from 7 to 10 pm at the Charles Baltimore (1110 South Charles Street). Each week will feature a different theme and a new batch of words. You will have to work your way through each round, all while participating in drinking games and trivia activities. The first 20 volunteers will participate each week. It’s free […]