Our Children: Keeping Our Kids Busy During Quarantine

Are you struggling to provide enough activity for your kids while they are stuck at home? Here are some ideas to help get them moving and have fun while doing so. The most efficient way to make sure your kids are getting enough movement is to limit their screen time. Most of the time when we are watching tv, playing video games or on a tablet we are sedentary. Limiting screen time helps encourage creativity and physical activity in children. Here are some ideas and activities to consider for you and your kids during quarantine: Scavenger Hunts. For variety, throw […]

Same Sex Marriage Question Included in 2020 Census

By Bill Redmond-Palmer This year the twenty-fourth census is currently underway, and it’s important that everyone participates, to ensure that Maryland receives all the funding and representation it deserves. The United States Constitution requires that a census of the entire population, citizens and noncitizens alike in all the states and territories be made every ten years. The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution directs that the census will be used to determine the number of members of the U.S. House of Representatives from each state, and it is used to allocate hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding and services […]

Remembering A Quiet Persistent Hero – Terrence McNally

Some heroes wear capes. Others march, protest, or pass legislation. Still others work to change people’s hearts and minds. Terrence McNally was the latter. He believed that the theatre’s most important function was to create community and bridge rifts between people caused by differences in gender, race, religion and in particular, sexual orientation and HIV status, and dedicated his life to that work. In an address to members of the League of American Theatres and Producers he said, “I think theatre teaches us who we are, what our society is, where we are going. I don’t think theatre can solve […]

LGBT+ ER nurse says having sex now a “slap in the face”

London, England – An LGBT+ ER nurse has begged gay men to stop going out and bragging about it on social media and said they should protect themselves and others from coronavirus. While many around the world are following government advice to stay at home and avoid unnecessary socializing, others are ignoring the rules. If they catch COVID-19 they may get seriously sick themselves – even young people are ending up in hospitals. But even more importantly, they will inevitably spread the coronavirus to more people who may be vulnerable and could die. Meanwhile, others responded to the ER nurse, […]

Can the show go on? It is virtually possible

Dallas, TX – Theater, concerts, film festivals — all around the world, these have been canceled. You simply cannot see live entertainment anymore. Well, not so fast. Several organizations are pioneering ways to live the motto “The show must go on.” Rather than cancel events, some are offering live streaming through various platforms.             The upcoming production of The Imaginary Invalid, Dallas’ by The Classics Theatre Project will be streamed online. “When you buy a ticket to any of our performances… you will receive a link that will allow you to watch in real time live on YouTube,” the company […]

Before COVID there was HIV; we’ve been here before, sort of

Dallas, TX – It’s a scary time. There is a novel virus, never seen before by epidemiologists and therefore misunderstood. It is spreading silently through the population; carriers may not even be symptomatic. There is no treatment for it, no vaccine, no outright cure. It is deadly. And it’s forcing the community to radically rethink everything we thought we knew about social living, closing places where people congregate, and many are losing their jobs. There’s even victim-blaming of those who contract it: “You should have listened more carefully to the warnings,” they cluck… sometimes before coming down with the virus […]

Biden has strong lead but LGBTQ favorite Bernie still in

Seattle, WA – After three primary election losses to Joe Biden on March 17, Bernie Sanders says he’s still in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination but will focus on dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. Initial reports that Sanders – the favorite among LGBTQ voters according to national polls – would suspend his campaign turned out to be incorrect. Sanders has, however, suspended Facebook advertising and is apparently no longer soliciting funds from supporters. Nevertheless, his campaign staff insists he’s still in the race.             “The next primary contest is at least three weeks away. Sen. Sanders is going […]

Idaho legislature OKs anti-Trans bill baring gender change

Boise, ID – On March 17, the Idaho Senate approved a bill already passed by the state House of Representatives that would ban transgender people from changing the sex listed on their birth certificates despite a federal court ruling two years ago declaring such a ban unconstitutional. Lambda Legal, which brought the lawsuit that resulted in that ruling, urged Idaho Gov. Brad Little to veto the bill when it lands on his desk. “We urge Gov. Little to veto this toxic bill that willfully flouts a court order,” said Lambda Legal staff attorney Kara Ingelhart. “Essential identity documents should accurately […]

Anti-LGBTQ groups growing fast and intertwined with Trump

Atlanta, GA – Anti-LGBTQ organizations were the fastest-growing sector of hate groups in the US in 2019, according to a new report released by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). If that were not disturbing enough, the report says that the growth of anti-LGBTQ extremism is “intertwined” with the Trump administration. “Anti-LGBTQ groups have become intertwined with the Trump administration, and – after years of civil rights progress and growing acceptance among the broader American public – anti-LGBTQ sentiment within the Republican Party is rising,” the SPLC wrote in the report.             “Though Trump promised during his campaign to be […]

First LGBTQ Cohousing community opening in Durham, NC

Durham, NC – Cohousing is defined as “community designed to foster connection” by the Cohousing Association of the United States. These communities often feature common grounds where neighbors can easily interact with each other and shared spaces like kitchens, dining spaces and gardens where residents, while living in private homes, can create collaborative living and management of their own communities.             The first and only LGBTQ cohousing community in the country, Village Hearth Cohousing (VHC) is located just 15 minutes from Duke University and Downtown. The community, which will be completed this spring, does not qualify as affordable housing in […]