LGBT Dance Party Held Outside of Marriott Waterfront Hotel to Protest Republican Congressional Retreat

On September 13th, an uncharacteristically cool Friday night, a small but mighty group of LGBT community members and their allies gathered on the side of the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel. They gathered to protest President Trump’s arrival in Baltimore and the GOP congressional retreat that took place within the confines of the hotel. The group was part of the “LGBTQ+ / Allies Dance Party” scheduled that night in conjunction with the union, immigrants’ rights, and climate change demos planned for that weekend. Both protesters and organizers said that they are against Trump’s racist policies and want to show Republican leaders […]

Safe Haven offers hand up to the trans community

“Baltimore is a genocide to its own people,” Iya Dammons, director of Baltimore Safe Haven, declared on September 2nd, two weeks before her nonprofit drop-in center’s official opening. Dammons was leading a meeting to talk about immediate issues that the LGBT community – and more specifically, the black trans community face on a daily basis. Safe Haven offers services such as temporary housing, safe sex kits, professional training, clothing, and syringe exhange to address homelessness and lack of resources, what Dammons says is at the root of LGBT inequality. A little less than a year ago, Dammons found herself, a […]