Confessing Our Desires

I Confess! Constructing the Sexual Self in the Internet Age – edited by Thomas Waugh and Brandon Arroyo (McGill-Queens University Press, 2019, 624 pages) The era post-World War 1 saw a wave of sexual modernization and reform – from gender-expansive Flappers to women’s suffrage to campaigns (born pre-term) for homosexual rights and birth control. Let’s call that the First Sexual Revolution. Post-World War 2 came Kinsey’s bombshell empirical sex research and the homophile movement, constituting a Second Sexual Revolution and setting the stage for the late 1960s “Cambrian explosion” of sexual liberation. Despite phases of right-wing revanchism starting in the […]

Anti-Gay Hatefest at U of Texas, Austin

On November 21st 2019, a right-wing student activist tied to anti-gay Republican Texas politics launched an effort to fire a tenured, openly gay University of Texas, Austin, classics professor for his academic work on Ancient Greek and Roman sexuality. In short order, her campaign was hijacked by violent left-wing radicals, who attacked the professor at his house. There was a brick thrown his window, slanderous graffiti spray-painted on his Austin home’s facade, and a mob attack that forced him from his home under police escort. “Students for Safety” put out a call before Thanksgiving for Prof. Hubbard’s “immediate removal from […]

Homophobic Outrage in Virginia

Last month, Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (D) succeeded in his aim of incarcerating a gay man indefinitely for sending text messages.AG Herring maintains the man – who has never been accused or arrestedfor any act of violence – is a “Sexually Violent Predator.” Virgina’streatment of Galen Baughman, now 36, has attracted protests from LGBT and criminal-justice groups, and at least one Virginia lawmaker. His casehighlights the dangers of Orwellian civil-commitment laws that allowindefinite confinement of people to prevent possible future offenses. Baughman – a former Indiana University student and Soros Justicefellowship recipient – was condemned October 17th by an […]

AIDS Healthcare Foundation Opens Baltimore Clinic

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the HIV-focused medical group that has become the largest HIV clinical provider in the world, has opened an HIV testing site and clinic in the heart of downtown Baltimore. The clinic, located at 11 East Lexington Street, will soon include a non-profit pharmacy as well. “We provide care regardless of ability to pay,” said Leleka Doonquah, MD, AHF’s Maryland medical director. “That’s different from other organizations. At AHF, if you have no insurance, you can still come and get care. We’ll always find a way to get you treatment. And we’ll assist you in getting health […]

Dashing Don, Saucy Schoolboy

What happens when a teenage schoolboy at England’s storied Eton College grows enthralled with a dashing young teacher fresh out of Oxford? For the rest of the story, read Edmund Marlowe’s pot-boiling novel Alexander’s Choice (available on Amazon). Eton has produced 19 British prime ministers and writers such as Orwell, Shelly, and Huxley. With their privileged all-male inmates scaling adolescent hormonal peaks, the likes of Eton or Harrow – England’s great public schools (that would be “private schools” in Americanese) – have long been hothouses of homoerotics, tolerance of which has waned and waxed along the decades and centuries. Still, […]