Andrew Howard has been designated by County Executive Allan H. Kittleman as the first LGBTQ Liaison in the county. The purpose of this position is to ensure the county government is accessible to the LGBTQ community by having a direct person to call.

“Andrew brings a great depth of empathy and understanding to his work with my friends in the LGBTQ community,” Kittleman told Baltimore OUTloud. “As I have seen with his leadership in coordinating the County Executive’s LGBTQ Roundtable, he helps put into practice my goals of making certain that every individual in Howard County is treated with respect and appreciation.”

Kittleman adds, “I am proud of the progress we are making, and I’m fortunate to have Andrew working with all of us as we move forward together.”

Howard grew up in the Valley Mede neighborhood of Ellicott City. He began his involvement in helping the community through the Boy Scouts. He studied politics and Spanish at New York University, where he developed a passion for helping others succeed by working with America Reads and the Boys Club of New York.

Howard was a high school Spanish teacher before joining County Executive Allan Kittleman’s team working in the constituent service and community outreach area of the Howard County executive staff.

“I am proud to be the first LGBTQ liaison for Howard County,” says Howard. “I’m excited to combine my work for the community on the county executive’s LGBTQ Roundtable, the HoCo Pride Committee, and the One Howard initiative.”

Andrew Howard can be reached by calling 410-313-2042 or by email at

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