In today’s political climate, where our health care and civil rights feel constantly under attack, grassroots advocacy efforts like AIDSWatch are even more important than ever. AIDSWatch, sponsored by AIDS United, helps members of Congress to hear from people living with or affected by HIV, providing them a clear perspective on the true impact that their policies have on the people they serve. It also serves to remind them of the political will of the HIV community.

The goal of the organizers is to build on the tremendous success of AIDSWatch 2017, bringing together an even larger and diverse group of advocates in 2018.

The event organizers have found that the most successful way bring together a geographically and demographically diverse group of people living with HIV, is by providing scholarships. They will be offering fifty hotel and travel scholarships to potential attendees. The scholarship application process is now open, and will remain open through October 31st, so there’s no time to waste.

Share the scholarship application with anyone who you know that may be interested in participating. The application is available at For more info, email