Anderson Comas

Chicago – Although scant attention was paid to the announcement by American press, the UK LGBTQ website Gay Times recently reported a story about a team member of the Kannapolis Cannon Ballers, a White Sox-owned Single A Team player who recently announced he’s gay. “This may be my most personal thing I ever share, and it’s that I’m proudly and happily part of the LGBTQ+ community,” Anderson Comas posted to his Instagram account on February 19th. The Kannapolis Cannon Ballers are owned by the Chicago White Sox and identified as a Single A Team, which is more or less a try-out team or training ground for young and new baseball players to get their feet wet.

While Comas, 23, is clearly excited to share his revelation, he began it with a note of caution: “If you’re homophobic, this post may not [be] for you, or maybe yes, so you can see we all matter and we are all the same. “I’m human with a great soul. I’m respectful. I’m a lover. I love my family and friends and that’s what really matters,” he continued. “I enjoy my work a lot, being a professional baseball player is the best thing that [has] happened to me, so I just want to say something to those people that say gay people cannot be someone in this life. Look at me. I’m gay and I’m a professional athlete. That didn’t stop me [from making] my dreams come true. I’m doing this because I wanna be an inspiration for those like me out there fighting for their dreams. Please don’t listen to the stupid things that people say about us. Fight for your dreams, believe in yourself and go for it.”

Originally from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, Comas is currently back in Chicago. No word yet on whether he will be returning to the Kannapolis Cannon Balls for another season or moving on to the major leagues and a role in the White Sox. (Q Notes Online – David Aaron Moore at