2020 is finally over, however at what cost? This past year has been a tumultuous year. Everything this past year has tested so many people. A number of people I knew died, not from COVID but other stuff. This past year is full of worry and lost for most.


I was ready for 2020 in January, or so I thought. I had my first major part in a series, and I was ready for my big follow up role. It takes at least 3 roles like that to get you known. February was right on track with a dozen auditions my first couple of weeks. I was ready, however, 2020 had a different reality waiting. The virus started to take hold and all productions grinded to a halt. I went almost 6 months without an audition.


The governor of my state of Louisiana decided to shut the state down. The first month was nice, me and my wife got a lot done on our property. We stayed home and enjoyed some time together. However, after a while reality started creeping in, while my wife was able to do her job from home I could not. But I did go into the office on a semi regular bases to keep up a semblance of reality. Which did well for my mental status. It was kind of like being on vacation, but I still had to go into the office.


The PPP loan helped some but not enough for the time I was off. When the loans came out it seemed like a good time to go back to work. I mean my salary and expenses were covered for 3 months. So, I went back to work, however, work was nonexistent. I think one of the biggest issues was getting out of my routine. That was the reason I went into the office. Work in the film business was nothing. Late summer I had an opportunity to be in a small series called Saint Peter.


Of course, I jumped at it. I enjoyed working but it was a little strange. I did have my first on screen kiss, that is a subject for another time. I also experienced the first time I was killed on screen which was kind of appropriate for 2020. This past year, I did maybe six productions. Where I would normally do twenty to thirty. The biggest problem is money. Or should I say the lack of money. Our government tried to help with the first check for $1,200.00 helped some but not that much. The second of $600.00 was an insult when you look at what they passed. Of course, you don’t think they actually care about you, do you?


2021 has started off well but then again will it last? I have been cast in my first role for 2021. I received the email thirty minutes after midnight. Who works on New Years eve?  I also have another project starting at the end of this week. Covid has made the film world strange. Everybody wants to do something, but things have been pushed, cancelled, and postponed. While others do everything by the book and still others act like the pandemic is not happening. I just try and keep my distance and keep moving forward.


I just hope we get back to a sense of normal, whatever that means. I also have to say that I have transitioned well into my practice and things are going okay but then again people are staying away because of Covid. I had a patient I hadn’t seen in years come by and asked if I was the doctor. When I said yes, they said I thought it was a man that was the doctor. All I could do was smile. I almost said that was me. But I decided, no, at least you take me for who I am, why rock the boat? Anyway, I hope your 2021 is better than your 2020. As always love, peace, and light. Sophie

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Sophie Marie White
Sophie Marie White
Sophie Marie White, married with three kids, is a native of South Louisiana. She draws from her varied experiences as a writer, filmmaker, producer, Director of Photography, Chiropractor, EMT, firefighter, race car driver, and boxing promoter to inspire her acting and writing. She has been active in the film industry for the past 18 plus years.

Sophie began acting a little over a year ago. Since then she has been cast in several feature films, including Hummingbird and We All Think We Are Special. Sophie was also cast in several TV series including Tell Me Your Secrets and top of show, guest-starring role, on Chicago Med. In her first year and a half of acting, she has been cast in 3 television series, 14 movies, and 1 play.

She is also a syndicated writer, who writes on transgender issues in and outside the film industry. Her screenplays have won the ISA New Orleans Writers Award 2017 and have placed at Table Read My Screenplay (New Orleans, London, and Sundance), Final Draft Fellowship, ISA Fast-track Fellowship, and New York International Fright Fest.

Films she has produced from her screenplays have won or placed at numerous film festivals including AMFM, London Independent Awards, Imagination Lunchbox, and New Zealand Film Awards, just to name a few. She has even watched one of her produced films in the White House.

Sophie is a transgender female, and with her family, she’s making her way through the complicated transition process. She brings a unique voice that is extremely under-represented in the film and television industry. Her desire to share her journey will hopefully show others that there is hope, and they are not alone. Sophie tries to live up to her motto of love, light, and peace.