Ladies and gentleman: Who told you your soul-mate would be tall, dark, and handsome? Or even thin, blonde, and blue eyed? Who told you they would be slim, muscular, or masculine? Who told you that? Who told you the next “love of your life” would be from your city, town, state, or province? Who said that? Who mentioned they would be your “Knight in shining armor” or “Mistress of love and light”? The one who would stole your heart with a smile to light your night. Who said that? Why would someone tell you, the next time you encounter love he or she would be light skinned, dark skinned, Asian, African, Dominican, Russian, Egyptian, or Mongolian? White, black, or dark as night! Eyes might be “tight” and body not so “right”! But who told you? Who told you?


Yet we sit and conjure these fantasy relationships. We imagine ourselves with the next person in our life. The one who will love us with all their heart, mind, body, and soul; never letting us go. He or she will “sweep us off our feet.” You know. Give us the surprise engagement and here come the wedding scenes! “Picture it Sicily, 19…!” Sorry, boo; wrong show. This is 2016, and you still haven’t had a date or relationship – see what I mean. Not because no one has tried, you haven’t given anyone a chance. Why? You ask “why?” I’ll tell you why! They don’t look the part! They don’t act the part. They don’t dress the part! He or she is too tall, too short, too dark, too light, too fat, too skinny, too fem, too butch! She is a fem queen, he is a butch queen, a top, a bottom, a bear, an otter, a bunny or a drag queen.

But what about the fact we’re people? Created in different sizes, shapes, and colors – only displaying what the Creator meant for us. But we are still people! Who told you we are God’s people? He did! He said, “Let us make human beings; in the image of God He created them.” There was enough women in Adam that God used one rib to create Eve. (Genesis 1:27) Then the Creator formed us from the dust of the earth and gave us life by breathing His breath in us. (Genesis 2:7)

You! Yup, you were created by God. But God never intended for you to be lonely or depressed. He never desired for you to ponder suicide, nor speak of death and be stressed. Spirit beings should be looking on the inside! I know. You want him to be “all that and a bag of chips.” You wishing and praying for her to be this “over piece a fish.” While those desires are good but when you get that which you “desired,” it’s more than you bargained. More drama than expected.

Now Zoloft needs an increase. Now your butt is imprinted on the bench and the psychologist is nodding, tired of your story. That’s because you skipped past the fat boy, dorky girl, black guy, white girl. The one who keeps calling, wanting to share your time, happy or bad.

They just want you. You, not for sex, style or profile; just you. You won’t give that one a chance. Over and over your keep getting that refill because you keep picking the wrong one.

Experience the diversity of God and see His diversity in your next humanistic encounter. See pass the physical and see the heart, mind, body and soul. “God above all us; in all us, and through all us.” (Ephesians 4:5) Who told you that? God and I just did!

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