Washington, DC – The US House of Representatives on March 28th passed a resolution condemning Trump efforts to ban openly-transgender men and women from serving in the US military. The vote was 238 to 185, with every House Democrat and five House Republicans voting in favor of the resolution. Texan Will Hurd was one of the five Republicans. Rep. Joe Kennedy III (D-Massachusetts), led the effort to pass the resolution. He chairs the Equality Caucus’s Transgender Equality Task Force. Transgender advocates praised the vote while acknowledging that it is not a binding vote and is unlikely to see any action in the US Senate.

Kennedy said, “equal has always been this nation’s north star. Too often we have fallen short in that pursuit of equality, and too often men and women willing to die in wars for this country have returned home to a government that considers them second class citizens,” said Congressman Kennedy. “Today, the House of Representatives rejected a misguided, bigoted ban on transgender servicemembers and a return to some of the darkest days in our nation’s history. But more than that, this resolution sends a message to all transgender troops, all transgender men, women, and children, and all Americans that your government sees you, hears you, and you count.”

The vote came just two days after a federal court lifted an injunction barring implementation of the ban. President Barack Obama had lifted the ban before he left office, but Trump re-instated the ban in the first year of his presidency. Trump’s administration had announced that men and women enlisting in the military would have to serve as the gender they were assigned at birth. Officials at the Department of Defense announced earlier this year that the ban will go into effect on April 12th. (Dallas Voice at Dallasvoice.com/house-passes-resolution-condemning-trumps-trans-military-ban & Congressman Joe Kennedy Press Release)

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