Dragons, a maze, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Daniel Radcliffe’s unfortunate haircut – the Triwizard Tournament is heading to the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. Hear the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) play the score alongside a special viewing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire from July 12th through July 14th. Audience members may be enjoying Harry’s thrilling fourth year at Hogwarts, but the BSO will be hard at work behind the scenes.

Many people do not realize the level of preparation involved with these live orchestra and movie performances. “In terms of the non-musical part of the production, our staff first receives a ‘rider,’ which is all the technical information we need to know about showing the movie. It includes screen size, the type of projector to use, what instruments we’re going to mic, and all sorts of other details,” says BSO director of operations Rebecca Cain. “We review the rider and then communicate with the film’s technicians to confirm we are providing all the items they need. Of course, while we are doing this part of the work, the musicians are practicing piles of music – sometimes one individual sheet music part might have 140 pages!”

The level of preparation and specific requirements may make the average person sweat, but the professionals at the BSO are prepared for this. The energy behind the scenes is similar to that of a season scheduled performance. “In some ways the energy is very similar – after all, it’s a concert, and we do hundreds of concerts every year! But with the added technical elements, there’s always a bit of nervous energy about what might go wrong that isn’t completely in our control,” says Cain.

At this performance, audience members will be swept away by the magic on the screen and on the stage. The music adds a new level of excitement to the drama unfolding before the viewer. “For me, one of the most exciting parts of being in the audience for the film is the moment when they orchestra starts playing again after a long dialogue segment,” says Cain. “That moment is always a little surprising to me because sometimes I’ve forgotten the orchestra is there. Hearing them play again makes the movie that much more exciting. I hope the audience realizes how much more exciting every movie is with music!”

Show your support for the Triwizard champions and the BSO at the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. The performances are on Thursday July 12th at 7:30 pm, Friday July 13th at 7:30 pm, and Saturday July 14th at 3 pm. Ticket info is at BSOmusic.org.

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