Baltimore Center Stage recently announced the opening of To Bean or Not To Bean, a coffee bar located on the first floor of the theatre at 700 North Calvert Street. To Bean (for short) opened its doors in early July and serves a variety of hot and cold coffees and teas, as well as snacks. Serving as a public gathering space, To Bean offers free wi-fi and comfortable meeting and work spaces.

“This was really inspired by our magnificent renovation,” began Executive Director Michael Ross. Adding on to what we did to open up this place. To really engage the public spaces in ways we never have before. With people coming so early to the shows now to enjoy dinner on the mezzanine level and to come down here to our bars and cafes. This renovation has been so beautiful and invited so many people into the building for not only our performances, but other events. And many, many kids coming through for camp. It was the idea of saying we wanted this building to really be a gathering place.”

Support for creating the infrastructure and furnishing of To Bean or Not to Bean was provided by a generous grant from long-time Baltimore Center Stage donors and philanthropists George and Betsy Sherman. “We wanted to open this up all day long and have a presence and have this welcoming sense of people being in our building and to join us. We owe a lot to George and Betsy for helping us making this happen and opening it up.” Visitors of To Bean or Not To Bean will also enjoy the fabulous original season art by award-winning Baltimore-based collage artist Mirlande Jean-Gilles. Each collage-based work interprets each of the works being performed in Baltimore Center Stage’s upcoming season.

To Bean or Not To Bean is open Monday – Friday from 8 am to 3 pm. For more info on the upcoming season, visit

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