The magic of Disney on Ice enchants Baltimore this month at Royal Farms Arena. Running from Wednesday, February 6th to Sunday, February 10th, Disney on Ice presents: World of Enchantment takes audiences through some of the best-known Disney favorites. From wheels to waves, icy wonderlands to infinity and beyond, your family’s beloved Disney moments will come to life. Baltimore OUTloud recently chatted with Dikki Martinez who talked about the upcoming performance.

“It’s the perfect show for anyone of all ages,” Martinez began. “Whether you’re a boy or a girl, there is something about this show for everyone. It’s definitely a Pixar-related show for the boys with characters from Cars and Toy Story, and it’s princess-themed for the girls with Frozen and The Little Mermaid.” As part of the ensemble cast, one of Martinez’s favorite numbers to perform in the show is ‘Under the Sea’ from The Little Mermaid.

For Philippines-native Martinez, skating began at a young age. “I was born and raised in Manila and lived there from preschool through college. I have been skating since I was 8 years old. This is my 19th year. I’ve been on the ice for more than half of my life.” Martinez joined the Disney on Ice family in 2014. After submitting a video resume, along with his skating CV, a full body picture and head shot, he was asked to audition when Disney on Ice arrived in Manila in 2013.

Performing weekly shows both all over the continent and the globe was a new way of life for Martinez. “In the beginning, when I first joined, it was a bit difficult adjusting to the travelling lifestyle. But, once I adjusted, it’s been fairly easy. I try my best to stay healthy and fit as much as I can travelling around for the show. Sometimes that can be difficult when some hotels don’t have gyms. But, we all tend to find ways to keep ourselves active on our days off. Food-wise, we do what we can with groceries and what’s available out there.”

Martinez added that the magic of Disney on Ice is able to reach more people around the globe. “Apart from the fact it’s Disney, and everyone loves Disney, we are on skates. This adds just a bit of extra magic that you can’t find in the theme parks. I think that aspect is what sets us apart in comparison to other Disney productions.”

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