The Q in Me

You know, running track, lifting weights, shoot the breeze with his other “jock” friends and discuss the local girls they taunted and so forth. However, today, it was extremely awkward. That feeling I mentioned earlier. Well, not for Sam, but me. Sam has always approached me with a towel wrapped around his waist showing off his muscles. Sat down in front of me and literally have a whole conversation while drying off. Mentally I be like, “Dude, would you please wrap up? Or put some clothes on?” But today… something happened and it was wonky.

Who Told You?

Ladies and gentleman: Who told you your soul-mate would be tall, dark, and handsome? Or even thin, blonde, and blue eyed? Who told you they would be slim, muscular, or masculine? Who told you that? Who told you the next “love of your life” would be from your city, town, state, or province? Who said that? Who mentioned they would be your “Knight in shining armor” or “Mistress of love and light”? The one who would stole your heart with a smile to light your night. Who said that? Why would someone tell you, the next time you encounter love […]

The Doctor Said…

For many, whatever the physician says is absolute. People have given up on life because they received negative doctor reports. We all know someone who had a scary doctor visit. The physician found a lump, blood clot, or something indeterminate. In turn, the doctor requested blood before his diagnosis. Those were the worst hours in a person’s life! They didn’t sleep or eat but struggled with the conditional statements of “what if.” In some cases, the diagnosis was not good but others were better.