Maryland United 4 Youth

Are you concerned about opportunities for all youth in Maryland? Are you a parent, guardian, young person, or someone who works with children or youth? Our conference will be the biggest gathering of those serving youth and children in the state and will draw together an interdisciplinary group of 400 professionals from many fields as well as volunteers, youth, parents/guardians from across the mid-Atlantic region. Maryland United 4 Youth will give attendees access to more than 50 seminar and breakout sessions, a curated slate of exhibitors with high-quality resources, a “Health Is Wealth” preconference focused on self-care, and an evening […]

California Craftily Outmaneuvering Other States

Very few states can claim the title of “trend setter.”  California, however, is a progressive state that has a history of changing cultural thinking in America, and today is no different.   In California, public school students are required to undergo academic studies about women’s history and black history.  These educational programs are designed to teach students about the struggles and accomplishments of minority groups that were once suppressed from fully participating in society. California’s State Senate has a pending bill that would require gay history to be included in the academics of public school students.