The Intrepid Traveler

Alaska! The land of the last frontier, spacious skies and rugged mountains; the land where one can be free! These aren’t clichés; they’re true. Alaska is big! For instance, if you chopped Alaska in two, what would be the biggest state? Yes, you got it right. Alaska! It’s twice as big as the runner-up – Texas! And now is a great time to go. The snow is manageable and the cold has not yet set in. Please follow and like us:

Discovering Lost River

As a child I went on numerous camping trips with my family. Not to mention the weeks spent in a teepee on a Native American Reservation in north Wisconsin. I believe that these trips have opened my eyes to the benefits that being in nature can have on the unexposed. If your time spent away from the fast-paced life that some crave is overdue, I suggest making your way to a town that is literally off the map – at least Verizon Wireless’s map – and go to Lost River, West Virginia. Please follow and like us:

The Weekend Traveler

The Mighty Youghiogheny at Ohiopyle The scene as we drove to Uniontown, Pennsylvania, on Friday was almost too perfect to be true. The mountains, the clear blue sky, and the open road was the perfect beginning to what I was anticipating to be an adrenaline-pumping trip down the Youghiogheny. I was on my way to go whitewater rafting for the first time. Please follow and like us:

The Weekend Traveler

Our Sister City to the North An advantage that every Baltimorean has is that we are practically neighbors to a city in which this nation’s Constitution and Bill of Rights was written and signed – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philly is significantly bigger than Baltimore and has a lot to offer anyone who takes a day-trip or a long weekend visit. Please follow and like us:

A Visit to the Amazon

Manaus, Brazil – We are in the capital of Amazonia, the state that is in the heart of the Amazon, 1,000 miles upstream from the mouth of the river, and a state as big as Texas. Herons, piranhas, anacondas? Sure. It’s also the home of 1.8 million people and boasts an opera house, opened in 1896. It was built by (and for) the Rubber Barons who were the social elite of the time. The opera house is as splendid as the Rubber Barons could make it – it is made of Scotch and English steel, with marble from Italy, a […]