Five Healthy Sex Habits for Gay Men in 2018

When the new year rolls around, many people turn their attention to improving their health and make resolutions to try out a new diet or join a gym. Choices like these are great for personal well-being, and they have the added benefit of improving your sex life. If you’re a gay man, you may have some additional health needs to stay on top of in 2018 – but isn’t having your hottest year yet worth the extra effort? Here are five resolutions that can help you stay healthy and virile next year:

Penis Health

As a practicing urologist, as well as the author of The Ultimate Guide to Male Sexual Health: How to Stay Vital at Any Age (second edition), my professional activities have centered around the diagnosis and treatment of urologic cancers. I’ve been a longtime supporter of the LGBTQ community, and during my 30-year practice, it has been my clinical observation that the basic psychological, physiological, emotional, and physical aspects of sexuality are blind to gender identity and sexual orientation. Although my book mainly addresses male sexuality and the penis, my hope is that it will help all readers “with a penis […]