By the time this article is printed, New Light will have a new pastor. For three years, we’ve been led by Rev. Sherry Miller and Rev. Kelly Crenshaw. They have provided excellent leadership and have helped us deal with issues from our church’s past. Whether it’s an individual or an organization, we all have baggage. Maybe it’s the old “We’ve never done it that way before” line of thinking or possibly it’s the “My grandmother donated that widget, so it must stay where it is” reality. But, no matter what, these are issues that must be addressed in order to move forward.

If we cling to the past, we struggle to make progress. And, whenever a church’s pastor moves on, no matter the reason, there is a struggle to move forward. Sometimes, it’s because we love our former pastor so much that we can’t see anyone else filling his or her spot. Sometimes, it’s because we were hurt by that pastor’s actions and are fearful that it will happen again. And then there are those who feel empowered to take over when a pastor leaves. These are the ones who step up and fill those empty shoes, but then get furious when things don’t go their way.

It happens in most churches when pastors leave. And, New Light was no exception. So, we brought in Rev. Sherry and Rev. Kelly and had them work with us to grieve our losses and head our hurts.

So now, as we welcome a new pastor into our church, we are a better place to be. We cherish our memories, but aren’t holding onto them like lifelines. We mourn our losses, but don’t feel the need to replace those who have left with their exact duplicates. And, we celebrate our new beginnings with new leadership, fresh ideas and new friends.

Come join us as we start this part of our journey. We welcome all who would like to find a warm and welcoming place to worship.

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