Charlotte, North Carolina – Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden will be a participant in the upcoming Charlotte Pride Parade on August 18th in Uptown Charlotte. He will be joined by LGBTQ staffers and supporters from various departments across Mecklenburg County. This marks a first for the law enforcement office and others to walk in the parade.

“The First Responders Unit of the parade is full of staff, their families, and allies alike. When creating this endeavor, we wanted to be inclusive of all law enforcement agencies in the area. For most, it is still a sensitive issue to be ‘out’ at work when in law enforcement. Unfortunately, not all agencies are supportive of this initiative. With that said, we invited everyone to shed their uniforms and march with the sheriff, under his cloak of acceptance. So maybe, just for a moment, they will truly feel completely accepted and appreciated for who they are and what they do,” the sheriff’s office emphasized.

“My decision [to walk in the parade] was based solely on my belief that I needed to serve and better understand my entire community. After meeting with several of the key members of my executive staff, it was easily decided that Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) needed a platform and vehicle to move us forward. That platform and vehicle was the LGBTQ committee,” McFadden stated.

He added, “In my career with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, I worked closely with members of the LGBTQ community who are also employees of the department. I’ve had the pleasure of establishing lifelong friendships and confidants. My interest in the LGBTQ community is nothing new. My new role as sheriff allows me the opportunity and platform to make a difference and implement positive changes.” The MCSO LGBTQ Committee is the first organized effort to recognize and support civilian and retired members of Mecklenburg County Law Enforcement Agencies. More info at (Q Notes Online – Lainey Millen at

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