For many in the queer community, being loved and accepted isn’t a given. This compels queer kindred to create families of their own; they parent each other, love each other, and choose each other to rely on. On Sunday, May 12th, from 4 to 5:30 pm, Dreams and Visions invites you to take part as it explore the topic of “Chosen Family” – “leaving family, seeking family, and the family that God creates.”

The group will explore what makes a family and consider the damage families can do, as well as the love families can give. “Whatever your background,” organizers say, “if you experience family as complicated, difficult, or damaging, you are invited to join the conversation.”

Dreams and Visions describes itself as a “spiritual community in Baltimore rooted in the faith and experiences of LGBTQ people, who work to create an imaginative space of restoration, where those present can find the courage to be their full selves. We affirm that everyone, including LGBTQ folk, is made in the image of God.”

The group gathers each second Sunday of the month at 3400 Norman Avenue, in Baltimore. Look for the big red doors, and the sandwich board pointing the way. The entrance is close to Lake Avenue. There is plenty of street parking in the area, and the 22 and 54 buses will bring you within a short walk of the gathering space. There is a parking space and entrance for anyone with limited mobility or who cannot navigate stairs.

Kids’ participation and presence is desired and will have plenty of opportunities for engagement. Chairs are available for the service. Participants are invited to wear a name tag with their name and preferred pronouns.

For more info, the Facebook event page is at, or email