The LGBT Health Resource Center recently welcomed a new director, Sam McClure, who looks to continue the center’s mission to provide health information and resources to Baltimore’s LGBT community.

McClure joined the center on August 20th from the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, where she was an executive overseeing affiliate relations, external affairs, advocacy, and supplier diversity teams. She takes over for Nate Sweeney, who departed the center this past spring.

We caught up with Sam to ask her about her background and her goals for the center.

What brings you to Chase Brexton?

I saw an opportunity to bring several of my passions together. My work in LGBTQ economic development is anchored in a passion to improve people’s lives, and so is my deep interest in LGBTQ health and wellness. I recognize that the most significant threat to health and wellness in our country, and here in Baltimore, is economic insecurity. Wellness means more than access to medical treatment when it’s needed. It’s also about individuals having the ability to live well and sustain themselves and their families. For LGBTQ people, this threat and other existing barriers are multiplied and magnified by a shortage of informed and affirming health care providers. Chase Brexton’s LGBT Health Resource Center is leading from this intersection of needs. That’s exactly where I want to work and have impact, improving healthcare access and outcomes for all LGBTQ people.

What is your vision for the center, and what are your goals?

My vision and goals for the center are aligned with the existing team and the previous director. We work to provide LGBTQ people and their families with welcoming access to expert health information and resources to improve their wellness and quality of life. We will work tirelessly until we fully walk that mission every single day.

How will your previous experience help you with those goals?

I will rely on my skills and experience nurturing collaboration and partnerships between organizations at both national and local levels. Meeting local LGBTQ community leaders in Baltimore is a top priority for me. The fabric of community is relationships. Trust and partnerships mean everything. I’ll be listening closely for every opportunity to engage and build trust.

What food, attraction, or other aspect of Baltimore that you haven’t experienced yet are you most excited to try or learn about?

Where do I begin? All of the art museums, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, a game at Camden Yards, and I would really like to live on a houseboat someday so I’ll be scoping out those opportunities for sure. What excites me the most is finding new friends and neighbors here in Baltimore and I’ll take advantage of most opportunities to do that. I see Black Pride is coming up, and of course Chase Brexton’s Charm Ball. The LGBT Health Resource Center team is planning an open house in the very near future to celebrate our new space – still in Chase Brexton’s Mount Vernon Center (1111 North Charles Street in Baltimore), but in an even more welcoming space on the fifth floor.

I look forward to seeing many folks from the community that day, if not before!

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