Dearest Family,

It’s been a long time since we had a conversation. There have been many milestones reached and setbacka felt. But still we are here, living, at least – in a time of monumental change, with uncertainty for sure and a sliver of hope. And yet I hang onto this sliver with great fervor and promise because I know that the only constant in life is change.


Okay, granted a cliché! At any rate, I’ve had my own changes afoot. My name, my physical person, and to some my identity. And on the inside, too, change is the strongest constant.

What you see now is really who I have always been. Through trial and error, self hate and loathing, to a brilliant love, I have decided to live my best life and that is a life of authenticity.

I did not expect to be here, daily living as my affirmed self. I honestly expected to trudge through life. I honestly expected to seek out some sort of happiness but not full on, uncut, raw savage happiness. But in deciding to end the war with my body, the war with my physical vehicle, I began learning how to live in unadulterated happiness and ascension-bound freedom.

The age of 40 does weird things to person. There is a certain realization that life isn’t forever… like your own life, in particular. You realize you have a past and that past has brought you to this point, for better or worse, to the middle of life. It’s really a crossroads of time and mind. You realize that you have to mind the time you have left and live your best life.

For me, the prospect of living my best life was in fact how I came to the decision to manifest the man I am. I grew tired of the feeling of being incomplete, not whole, and wandering. The Universe put in my heart the truth will make you free. In the pursuit of that truth, I found myself.

To be continued in the next issue.