The Midnight Dreary Den, the Mid-Atlantic chapter of La Garou, invites you to a munch-style meet-up to meet members, friends, and those curious about La Garou on Tuesday, July 9th at R House (301 West 29th Street). La Fraternite du Loup-Garou, or “La Garou” for short, is a traditional leather / Levi fraternity with full membership open to “assigned-female-at-birth masculine gender outlaws.” Associate membership is open to all supporters of their mission. The event welcomes the crafty and the craft-phobic alike! There will be good food, drinks and conversation, and bring a game if you’d like to engage some folks in that fun.

Feel free to bring your own craft project or ask ahead if you would like to learn something new, someone on hand may know how. Please limit your projects to dry, non-messy kinds, as the meet-up is in a public restaurant.

Parking in lots and on the street is available, but it can fill up fast. There are convenient bus lines nearby. The location is fully accessible, and everything is on one floor. It can get crowded but the space is large and usually accommodating. Please note that the lighting is restaurant-style dim, so you may need to bring along a craft light. Please wear only street legal clothing appropriate for a casual dining atmosphere. The facility has several restaurants with a broad selection of choices, as well as a bar. For more information visit the Facebook event page at

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