Washington, DC – On April 27th, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) released a video calling attention to Vice President Mike Pence’s history of failures in protecting Americans from HIV and AIDS. This video is the latest installment of “The Real Mike Pence,” a campaign – including a report (Assets2.hrc.org/files/assets/resources/RealMikePence-2018-FinalReport.pdf) and microsite (Hrc.org/realmikepence) – showing the vice president’s attacks on LGBT people.

“Mike Pence has spent his career putting people in danger by denying them access to HIV prevention and treatment,” said HRC’s Ashland Johnson. “From spreading misinformation about condom use, to contributing to a major outbreak of HIV and AIDS in his home state – Pence has been reckless with the health and lives of those he is sworn to serve, choosing to promote a dangerous ideology over making the right decisions for the American people.”

In 2002, Pence chided then-Secretary of State Colin Powell for his advisement that young people use condoms when engaging in sexual activity. In the interview, Pence claimed condoms have “zero preventative value” and are “too modern of an answer.” In 2003, responding to the HIV and AIDS crisis in sub-Saharan Africa, Pence argued for the Bush administration to prioritize abstinence-only education over condom distribution because it would protect the rights of faith-based organizations. As governor of Indiana, Pence’s cuts to public health funding helped fuel the worst outbreak of HIV and AIDS in the state’s history. (Seattle Gay News at Sgn.org/sgnnews46_18/page1.cfm)

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