Washington, DC – On June 20th, the House Committee on Ways and Means yesterday passed a bill that contains Representative Andy Levin and Representative Judy Chu’s Equal Dignity for Married Taxpayers Act, which would modernize the tax code to remove outdated gendered language and to affirm the dignity of LGBTQ couples and families. The bill was included as part of HR 3299, the Promoting Respect for Individuals’ Dignity and Equality (PRIDE) Act of 2019.

“Our tax code, like all of our laws, should accurately represent and include all the people to whom it applies,” Congressman Andy Levin said. “Gendered language in the tax code represents a vestige of the days when LGBTQ couples could not get married. Fortunately, those days are over and marriage equality is the law of the land. Updating the tax code to include language inclusive of LGBTQ couples and families is a small change that will have a huge impact on the affirmation of the LGBTQ community. I’m so proud that this bill passed out of committee, and I look forward to ushering its passage in the House.”

The PRIDE Act, introduced by Congressman Levin and Congresswoman Chu, makes additional changes to the tax code, including allowing LGBTQ couples who were previously denied federal recognition of their marriages to amend their past tax returns and receive the corresponding benefits. Said Rep. Chu, “I’m so happy that Democrats and Republicans on the committee could come together to unanimously support this common sense measure to recognize that marriage is more than a husband and wife. Same-sex couples no longer need to feel excluded when filing their taxes. A companion has been introduced in the Senate by Senator Elizabeth Warren. (Press Releases from Representatives Andy Levin and Judy Chu)