Newcastle, England – RuPaul’s “Drag Race” stars were victims of homophobic attack in a UK kebab shop. Farrah Moan and Shea Coulee were the targets of the attack on April 4th. The season nine alumni were at a kebab shop in the northeast town of Newcastle when some unidentified girls started filming them on Snapchat.

The girls began hurling homophobic abuse at the queens, who were out of drag, calling them “slut” and “faggot.” On Twitter, Farrah wrote, “I was drunk as hell and some lil girl came up to Shea and I with her phone calling us faggots, walking stds cuz my hair was pink.” But Farrah was quick to clap back with what might go down as one of the best reads ever. “We’re touring the world being gay while you’re living in Newcastle with your crusty ass eyelashes,” she told the girls. Shea and others are heard laughing, but the girls’ insults escalated from there and they tried to touch Farrah. “You’re a walking STD,” one of the girls declared.

Many “Drag Race” fans from Newcastle and the UK took to social media to express their disappointment in what happened, saying it reflected badly on their city. Not long after the incident, Farrah broke her silence, saying she didn’t want to shine a light on a bad experience. But she assured Newcastle fans that she loved their city. “So I didn’t wanna bring attention to the negativity that happened to me and Shea last night in Newcastle at a kebab shop but the vid is spreading,” she wrote. “No need to apologize on behalf of the city – our show was amazing and there’s homophobic twats all over the world. Love you guys!” (Gay Star News – Shannon Power at

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