Washington, DC – The nation’s capital, Twitter, and probably the whole internet was all abuzz November 13th as the official impeachment hearings began in Congress. But the real question on everyone’s mind seems to be, “So, who is the ‘Lady in Red’”? NBC News correspondent Heidi Przybyla tweeted out a photo of a statuesque blonde drag queen wearing a very short red dress and very high red pumps apparently getting ready to go in to watch the hearing. She wrote, “Just arrived for #ImpeachmentHearings. Someone did ask me last night if there’s anything in DC that surprises me anymore. @JohnBrabender.”

There were some guesses: Rudy Giuliani? (who did indeed get dolled up in blonde drag for a comedy skit with Trump some years ago), Lindsey Graham coming out in style? I’m gonna say I don’t think it’s any of those guys, because I don’t think any of them could look that good or walk that well in heels. And to whomever suggested it was “Trump in disguise?” – Girl, please! No way he could pull off that dress and those shoes!

There were a couple of really good “drag names” suggested: “Em Peach” and “Miss Trial.” The Daily Mail published a different photo with the caption, “Drag queen Pissi Myles, from Asbury Park, New Jersey, was on Capitol Hill Wednesday in the hallway of the Longworth building as people awaited the arrival of the first two witnesses to testify before the House Intelligence Committee.” And according to her own website, “Pissi Myles is an accomplished drag comedian, singer, and hostess from Asbury Park, New Jersey. She’s performed at the legendary Wigstock and has been featured in Billboard, Cosmopolitan, Mic, Huffington Post, RuPaul’s “What’s the T Podcast,” and more!” I still don’t know why Pissi was there on Capitol Hill this morning, but considering the rumors about Trump and Russian hotel rooms, I think her name is appropriate. (Dallas Voice – Tammye Nash at Dallasvoice.com/lady-in-red-drag-queen-on-capitol-hill-for-impeachment-hearings)

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