Denver, CO – Alex Bollinger reports in LGBTQ Nation that a Christian radio and TV host who was known for mocking people who died of AIDS has died of COVID-19 at age 62. Denver Bible Church pastor Bob Enyart made local headlines last year when he sued his state over its mask mandate and then this year when he called for a boycott of the COVID-19 vaccines. A pastor at the Denver Bible Church, Enyart made the families of people who died of AIDS angry in the 1990s when he would “gleefully” read their obituaries on his show, Bob Enyart Live, and call them “sodomites.” He would then play “Another One Bites the Dudes” by Queen. “Listen to the words of the song and you’ll understand why I did it,” he told Westword when asked why he made fun of the dead. Fellow Colorado rightwing radio host Fred Williams announced on Facebook yesterday that Bob Enyart passed away.

Now Enyart is the one who is dead. Both Bob Enyart and his wife Cheryl Enyart contracted COVID-19 recently and tested positive two weeks ago. Neither of them was vaccinated. According to his website, they refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19 because, he said, the authorized vaccines were all “tested… on the cells of aborted babies.” (This is not true – they were tested on cells grown in a lab from established cell lines that, years ago, originated from fetal cells, just like many other medications are.) “So while it is not inherently sinful to take an immorally-developed vaccine,” Enyart wrote, “we urge everyone to boycott Pfizer, Moderna and the Johnson to further increase social tension and put pressure on the child killers.” Last year, Enyart filed a federal suit against the state of Colorado to keep parishioners in his church from having to wear masks to services. And he won; a federal judge appointed by Donald Trump issued an injunction lifting parts of the state’s mask mandate.

Enyart’s mocking of people who died from AIDS was just one of his many attacks on LGBTQ people over the decades he spent in radio and television. He hated gay people so much that he has maintained a bizarre list of serial killers he claimed are gay, which includes the Pulse shooter Omar Mateen and claimed that many of those running Nazi Germany, including Hitler, were homosexuals.”

He mocked LGBTQ people by saying that he “came out” as homophobic in 1989: “I feared my family and friends might reject me for coming out. Most of them, though, are supportive. I explained to them that I was born this way. I am homophobic.” He believed in the death penalty for male homosexuality and claimed that Texas schools encouraged students “to have homosexual sex.” Enyart was also a strong opponent of women’s rights, arguing that women who get abortions should receive the death penalty. Despite his extreme views, he made several appearances on Bill Maher’s Politically Incorrect. (LGBTQ Nation – Alex Bollinger at

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