A Mermaid for Christmas Swims Ashore for Holiday Season

Swimming ashore just in time for the holiday season, A Mermaid for Christmas (available now on Amazon Prime) is a tale that combines classic Christmas themes with an escapist fantasy element. Starring “Days of Our Lives” alum (Rex Brady) Kyle Lowder, A Mermaid for Christmas is a charming, thoughtful, and sometimes humorous tale in the tradition of Beauty and the Beast combined with a dash of Greek tragedy. Lowder recently chatted with Baltimore OUTloud. “Not to sound cliché,” began Lowder, “but our goal was to make a whimsical, feel-good film for the holidays. The film brings forward all this beautiful […]

Doing Our Part

I’m the type off person that likes to know exactly how we’re getting to a destination; accomplishing a goal; or moving forward. This need to plan also includes being able to see the entire map before I start any trip. It can be annoying for others who like to “go with the flow.” The need to plan can be frustrating for me with this work because of the uncertainty. Needless to say, I’ve had to learn to accept and embrace uncertainty. Maybe you are like me? This worldwide endeavor that so many advocates and educators are on to do the […]

How Can I Look Great for the Holidays? and start the New Year right?

A discussion with Dr. Nadia Mostovych of Belcara Health By Dr. Nadia Mostovych The holidays can be magical, but they can also be quite stressful. As our social calendars fill up and our to-do lists get longer, we can quickly become overwhelmed and tired. The opportunities to indulge in high-calorie, low nutrition meals, and stray from our healthy physical routines are ample – and the reality of January’s New Year’s resolutions looms just ahead. Now is the time to prepare and invest in ourselves so we can fully enjoy the holidays and start the new year at our best. Here […]

First Date Red Flags

Grindr, Tinder, Zoosk, PinkCupid, whatever.… So you’re going to meet. Or, you already met somewhere and now it’s the first real date.… What do you pay attention to? What gives you the feeling this is good? Or really bad? Signs to keep going, or bail out? Malcolm Gladwell, in his recent book, Talking to – Strangers, discusses the how, why, and why not of trusting and believing other people. To each new situation and encounter, we bring our own beliefs, opinions, and views. How we approach a person is affected by those existing mental sets. For example, if you are […]

Translating Medspeak

Hello Dr. Eva, When my mother’s heart specialist told me she had heart failure, I thought that meant she was about to die. After all, when something fails that means it doesn’t work anymore, right? I was extremely upset. After I searched online and talked to my own family doctor, I learned that people with heart failure often live on for years. And I understand the same thing is true for kidney “failure.” Why use such scary language when that isn’t even what they really mean? Annoyed   Dear Annoyed, You are 100% right! Saying someone has “heart failure” does […]

The Golden Rule

“Our hair matches. We’re best friends.” These words came from my niece who, at three years old, is one of the happiest people I know. It was a beautiful bonding moment, one of the first in her young life that she fully understood that I am her uncle and not just a random stranger she sees from time to time. We were lucky to be able to capture the moment with a selfie (or seven), and her proud Uncle Brian has told everyone about his sweet, adorable niece and how her simple words melted his heart. Yes, it’s a great […]

How to Book a Church Wedding

There’s a lot to know about planning your wedding! There are many, many details, and a lot of decisions to make. In the next few issues I’m going to walk you through the first and generally the biggest wedding planning decision: choosing your ceremony and reception venue.  Why do this first? Because once you have your venue you’ll have your wedding date, time, and place. Almost all of your planning depends on those three things, and they all come with booking your venue. So let’s get right into how to do that! If you’re planning a church wedding followed by […]

Holidays Don’t Need to be Bank-Breaking

For many of us, autumn is filled with outdoor activities, spending time with extended family, and the start of an expensive holiday season. Before you hit the mall on Black Friday or make your online purchases on Cyber Monday, consider these tips for getting the most out of your holidays while minimizing your expenses. 1) Setting a budget – Before the holidays begin, consider creating a list of everyone for whom you would like to buy a gift and then assign a dollar amount as a target for each person. Make sure that the total value of all of those […]

Outwardly Affirming

“The assumption is negative unless you are outwardly affirming.” – Tom Koerber Now, you may already know this. Then again you may not. Cpl. Robert Koch joined the growing list of Maryland LGBTQ liaisons throughout our state in April. He joins professionals like Jabari Lyles of the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office; Lt. Becky Fetcher of the Hagerstown police department; Sommer Gray of Sinai / Lifebridge Health – just to name a few. In Cpl. Koch’s own words – directly from the Anne Arundel county police department’s official press release, “As a member of the LGBTQ community myself, I feel honored […]

Scar Prevention & Treatment

A discussion with Dr. Ciro Martins of Belcara Health by Dr. Ciro Martins Q: “What can I do to make the scars from my upcoming transition less noticeable?” A:  I’m glad you asked because there is quite a lot you can do to minimize scarring after transitioning. Gender reassignment often requires multiple surgeries to alter the appearance and function of existing sexual characteristics. These “top” and “bottom” procedures are all major surgeries that involve incisions and the inevitable scars can be upsetting. Fortunately, there are proactive changes you can make, as well as, many scar repair treatment options, to reduce […]