Club Bunns Faces Liquor License Challenge

There was a time when there were several nightclubs that served a predominantly Black sexual and gender minority (SGM) clientele in Baltimore. In fact, at one point there were a total of three such clubs on the block of Lexington St. where Club Bunns is, after thirty years, still located today. Things on that block look very different today. Bunns, is all lit up in neon, making the block feel safer to walk down, while every other building on the block is boarded up, dilapidated and dark. “It’s been that way for at least five years or so,” said AD […]

Trinacria Cafe

111 West Centre Street, Baltimore 443-759-4082 Now that trolling on Craigslist personals has been outlawed, you’re probably looking for ways to pass the time during this last stretch of winter weather. Gather your gaggle and be ready to indulge in homemade Italian food that satisfies a range of culinary cravings. Welcome to Trinacria Cafe, a casual atmosphere that has a warm and inviting feel the moment you walk through the front door. The staff promptly seated my group and was quick to get us drinks. After making peace with Jesus on a Sunday morning, I felt him smiling back when […]

Catching Up With Hagerstown Hopes

  The folks at Hagerstown Hopes have been very busy. For months I’ve been seeing updates via their Facebook page: exciting news of a new community center, social outings, and of course, news of the upcoming Hagerstown Pride. I recently met with Jeff Rohrer, president of Hagerstown Hopes, to learn more about what they’ll be bringing to the community. Let me tell you, it’s everything I could have asked for, and more. First on the list is the new LGBTQ community center located in Mulberry Lofts, which is expected to open very soon. Rohrer says that they’re down to a […]

Bullies on the Playground

The other day some of my big kids took my little kids to the park. This is one of the benefits of having so many kids. There are kids who can drive, who enjoy taking little kids to the park or the trampoline park or on playdates. Anyway, the kids arrived at the park to find they were the only ones at the playground. It was great for a while. The little kids laughed and played. They ran from swings to slides. The older kids took turns pushing the kids on swings or chatting with each other. A couple of […]

A Queer Ghost Story in Sodom Road Exit

  Starla Martin is forced to move back to her small-town home of Crystal Beach after dropping out of college and drowning under crippling debt. Her story may seem to be a typical “20-something-who-can’t-hack-being-an-adult” plot, but Starla’s experience is far from normal. In Amber Dawn’s Sodom Road Exit, Starla is forced to deal with her own sexuality, demons from her past, and the lesbian ghost who keeps possessing her. Sodom Road Exit is a supernatural thriller that goes beyond the creepy and scary theme. Dawn uses her characters to explore relationships and how people can help (or fail) those around […]

Vegas Nights with Frankie Moreno

    Las Vegas is coming to Baltimore in the form of the dazzling Frankie Moreno. The Las Vegas “Headliner of the Year” winner will join Principal Pops Conductor Jack Everly and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) from April 12th through 15th at the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall and the Music Center at Strathmore. “Frankie Moreno is a consummate showman who embraces all kinds of music with irresistible enthusiasm, musicianship, and charm,” says Abhijit Sengupta, director of artistic planning. “There is simply no one like him, and the staff, musicians and crew of the Baltimore Symphony look forward to letting […]

Blockers Has Laughs and Heart

  It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good R-rated sex comedy and Blockers comes along at just the right time to deliver some big laughs and a bit of a message. With prom season looming, parents may – or may not – want to give this movie a look, depending on how liberal you are when it comes to your kids. Blockers begins on the eve of a senior prom with three girls – who we see in a cute montage bonding over the years – preparing for the big event. While they decide who to take and […]

Why I Support AIDS Walk & Run Baltimore: Shawn Carrick

Chase Brexton Health Care Teams are forming now for the AIDS Walk & Run Baltimore on Sunday, May 6th at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, and competition is heating up! One of the first teams assembled includes Shawn Carrick, who will participate in the event for a fourth year. Last year, Shawn achieved his personal goal of raising more than $750 for Chase Brexton Health Care’s HIV outreach and testing programs. He’s upped that goal for this year to $1,000, and has already raised $400! Shawn shared some of his reasons for participating in the AIDS Walk with us. Why […]

Racquetball as an Exercise in Humility

  My friend Jon is a gracious winner, as well he should be. He’s had a lot of practice. During the months we have been playing racquetball together, I have never won a game. Not one. I hate Jon so much. I like to play games I can win, which is why I have a ping-pong table in the basement and will invite anyone who visits to play a game. I’m a great ping-pong player. If you say you haven’t played in years or that you aren’t very good, I will talk you into a friendly game anyway and yes, […]

Michael Dutzer, Rob Mansman, & the Miss Gay Maryland America Pageant

This coming month, the Miss Gay Maryland America pageant, the preliminary to Miss Gay America 2019, will take place on April 14th at the Horseshoe Casino. To highlight its 33rd year, the owners of the Miss Gay America pageant, Michael Dutzer and Rob Mansman recently chatted with Baltimore OUTloud to discuss their relationship and the importance of the pageantry in our culture. Frankie Kujawa: Could you provide a little bit of background on yourselves for our readers? Michael Dutzer: I grew up in Northeast Pennsylvania. In 1990, I had a marketing job and attended school in the Philadelphia area when […]