Pride’s NUTS & BOLTS

As a first time Baltimore Pride volunteer myself, I thought it would be interesting for our readers to get to know some of the other volunteers who’ve been working since November to put on a fantastic Pride this year. Let’s be honest, for most of us who’ve attended Pride recently or in the past, we don’t think about those giving their time and effort to make it happen. One of those volunteers is Carly Saunders. Carly moved to Baltimore last year and quickly became involved in the 2018 Pride planning. Besides her volunteering, she’s a foodie and loves travel, music, […]

Infatuated But Sexually at Odds

Dear Andre, I’m a gay guy in my early 20s and I’m super infatuated with my new boyfriend. The only issue is, he’s not into giving blowjobs. Receiving oral sex has always been a massive turn-on for me; I’ve never had a relationship without it. So far, I’ve been just fine giving him blowjobs without them being reciprocated, but some of my friends are telling me to dump him. They’re convinced that in 2019 there’s no excuse to not be giving equal time and pleasure to your partner. What do you think? Is my boyfriend being unreasonable, or is his […]

Hagerstown Hopes: Celebrates Success of First LGBTQ Prom

Planning an event is never easy. There are often many details that need to be addressed, as well as the individual needs and preferences of each guest. After all, you want everyone to have a good time. There are dietary restrictions that need to be considered, as well as dress code, parking, and transportation. Sometimes there’s even a theme that’s meant to tie all these elements together. And, during the planning of the event, there’s often an underlying fear that it won’t be fun, or worse, that nobody will show up. These were some of the concerns we at Hagerstown […]

In Praise of Adoption

Adoption! The word brings up so many thoughts, emotions, and opinions. As an adopted person, with many adopted children, I think I’ve seen just about all of the sides to domestic (US only) adoption. I was adopted through the Children’s Home Society in Virginia. My birthmother knew that she did not want to raise a child on her own, so I was an intentional placement. The rules at the time required that I live with my birthmother for a month, then live in foster care for two months prior to moving in with my adoptive family. I’ve met my birthmother. […]

Bistrot du Coin

Bistrot du Coin 1738 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington DC 202-234-6969 French cuisine deserves its own place on the food pyramid. Ranging from healthy to dangerously hearty, the often-savory flavors satisfy the soul in ways hard to find elsewhere. Some French chefs prefer to rely on very little seasonings, sometimes resulting in a bland experience. I prefer my comfort food to have a bolder presence. After hearing endearing murmuring from DC locals, I was eager to try Bistrot du Coin in the heart of Dupont Circle. Walking into this classically quirky restaurant, I was immediately greeted with a swath of […]

Navigating the SM Community in a PC World

I had another birthday last week. When you get to the age where you have more past than future, you spend lots of time looking back. For me life began in 1984 when I moved to Baltimore and walked into my first leather bar. It was the Gallery One bar at 1735 Maryland Avenue. It was a dress code leather bar in 1984. It is still there and is still a gay bar, but it has changed. The whole leather community has changed. My first leather bar was a smoky, testosterone-filled world. The Gallery had a popular female bartender, but […]

Lesbian wins mayoral election in Chicago

Chicago – Chicago elected its first African-American woman and first out lesbian mayor on April 2nd. Lori Lightfoot campaigned against the machine politics that have dominated Chicago since the days of Richard Daley and won a resounding victory, trouncing her rival, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, by almost three-to-one. “Today, you did more than make history,” Lightfoot told hundreds of supporters at her victory party. “You created a movement for change.” Lightfoot is a former federal prosecutor and first-time political candidate. The daughter of poor parents who worked multiple low-wage jobs in the segregated steel town of Massillon, Ohio, […]

Meet the Emcee

Monty Howard is a gay Episcopalian partnered graphic designer and community activist. Monty was born in California, as a military brat, and moved with his family 29 times. He’s lived and worked in Virginia, Minnesota, Texas, and Delaware before coming to Baltimore and feeling “right at home” from the start. We asked Monty a few questions about his gig as Baltimore Pride Parade emcee… Richard Finger: Have you been an emcee at events prior to Baltimore Pride? Monty Howard: Oh yes, folks from Bolton Hill and the church community know me as the “Quiz Master” for an annual dinner fund-raiser […]

AIDS WATCH: ‘Strong Interest’ in Hearings on Truvada Patent Profits

Advocates pressuring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to claim royalties from sales of “Truvada as PrEP” report “strong interest” in congressional hearings on the growing controversy, based on visits to the Hill between HIV advocates and their elected officials and staffs. The CDC owns patents to the use of Truvada as PrEP and has been criticized for not claiming what could be billions of dollars in royalties from Gilead, the manufacturer of Truvada. “Senior health policy staffers have a strong interest in claiming the money the CDC has left on the table,” said James Krellenstein, part of […]

Take steps to Bring HIV to ZERO

Chase Brexton Health Care The 2019 Baltimore AIDS Walk & Run is less than two months away, and organizations and community partners across Baltimore are joining with Chase Brexton Health Care to take steps against HIV/AIDS and bring the rates of new infections to zero! We checked in with Christian Metzger, executive director of Moveable Feast, a longtime partner of Chase Brexton Health Care, to find out what his organization’s team is doing to support this year’s AIDS Walk & Music Festival. For those who might not know, could you briefly describe Moveable Feast’s mission in the community? Our mission […]