Men on Ice

The Next Ice Age recently celebrated over 30 years of excellence as one of only three dance companies on ice in America. On Thursday, May 16th, the Mount Pleasant Ice Arena will host the Next Ice Age, which will join with the Ice Men, a group of amateur young male skaters, in the revival of choreographer John Curry’s adaptation for skaters of Aaron Copland’s score for the ballet Rodeo. During this performance, ten of the best male figure skaters from around the globe perform with six young male skaters in a program in which they will skate to Aaron Copland’s […]

The First Ladies of AIDS

My first job in AIDS in the 1980s was at the Los Angeles Shanti Foundation, an organization that provided companions for the dying. When our founding director, Daniel P. Warner, retired from the organization, the final candidates for his job met with the full staff for final interviews.One of those job candidates, Sue Crumpton, had the audacity to be a straight woman. Trying to replace our gay founder. At an AIDS agency. In 1991.Sue’s credentials as a skilled administrator with a background working on behalf of battered women didn’t resonate with some of us. For gay men like me, our […]

Scissoring: Afraid to Ask?

Dear Andre, I’m hoping you’ll settle a debate between my girlfriend and me. She’s been trying to sell me on “scissoring,” but I’ve only ever heard guys talk about it and I’m convinced this isn’t a real thing that authentically queer women do. What’s the deal? Sincerely, Alyson B.   Alyson, Not only is scissoring a real thing, but way more queer women engage in it than you’d initially think! In 2015, the progressively feminist web blog Autostraddle conducted an Ultimate Lesbian Sex Survey (open to all women who sleep with women), and a whopping 40.7% of the 8,556 women […]

Maybe Stars in His Eyes

Queer singer/songwriter Bobby Jo Valentine is that rare out artist who isn’t shy about his faith. Raised in the church, Valentine has found a way to make those two sometimes conflicting aspects of his life work in harmony. For instance, the live performance schedule on his website (in July at the time of this interview) includes dates at both Pride festivals and churches. Talk about versatility! One thing’s for sure, chances are good that you will hear Valentine singing songs from his luminous new album Maybe Stars ( Gregg Shapiro: Bobby Jo, when did you begin playing guitar and how […]

Creative Reading

Pride 2019 is taking on special meaning with the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots being incorporated into celebrations across the country. With that in mind, it’s never too early to begin assembling a reading list for the celebration as well as for the summer of 2019. Visit your favorite independent bookseller or the love-it-or-hate-it to reserve and order copies of these forthcoming LGBTQ books for readers of all (rainbow) stripes. Poetic paths – It’s hard to believe that The Tradition (Copper Canyon Press, 2019) is only the third full-length collection by gay African-American poet Jericho Brown, because he’s […]

Can You Just Walk Away?

Today I went to the hospital where our son Michael lives. He’s in his mid-20s. We adopted him as a teen, but he’s been in our lives much longer. Michael has a long history of institutional living. He struggles with severe mental health issues and has spent more of his life in psychiatric hospitals than not. For most of us, it would be difficult. For Michael, it’s familiar and comforting in many ways. Parenting a child with a serious illness, whether medical or psychiatric, is tough. And, in many cases, the parenting responsibility doesn’t disappear as the children become adults. […]

Maya Montana, What Should We Do?!

Maya Montana has been impersonating females for 25 years as a performer starting in Baltimore. Here, she won Miss Gay Maryland Newcomer 1994, Miss Hippo 1995, and Miss Gay Maryland 1996. She subsequently moved to Virginia winning the title Miss Gay Virginia 1997 and ultimately Miss Gay America 1998. Maya now resides in Key West as an entertainer at Aqua Nightclub. Notorious for her elaborate peacock costume, let’s ruffle her feathers and dive into her world for some fanciful advice. Kevin Assam: The hair spray for my Tina Turner wig works fabulously but isn’t eco-friendly. What should I do? Maya […]

ShipMates Celebrate 45 Years of Service

The ShipMates Club of Baltimore, Maryland’s first leather club, toasted 45 years of service to the community with a cocktail party on Saturday, May 4th at Max’s Taphouse in Baltimore’s historic Fells Point neighborhood. It was an evening that will go down in leather history as longtime members of many Mid-Atlantic leather clubs as well as current leather titleholders joined in the celebration. The three-hour party – which was chaired by ShipMate member David Sugar – not only included lots of food and drink, but there was also a parade of leather club colors, a swearing in of the new […]

PrEP takers at risk for STIs but not for lack of condom use

Melbourne, Australia – People on PrEP are at risk of acquiring sexually transmitted infections (STIs), but not because they’re using condoms less than those not on PrEP, according to new research. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, tracked 2,981 gay and bi men in the heavily populated Australian state of Victoria, in which Melbourne is located. Researchers found a 20% increase in the rates of new STIs among people on a PrEP trial called “PrEPX.” They also found there was an increased risk of acquiring an STI while on PrEP compared to before starting PrEP. […]

Judy Gold Glitters at Charm City Synagogue

The comedic genius of Judy Gold will delight audiences on Saturday, May 4th at the Bolton Street Synagogue. Baltimore OUTloud recently chatted with the comedian to discuss the inspiration behind her material and the inequality facing female comics today. “Since we’re at a synagogue, expect some Jewish jokes,” Gold laughed. “These audiences are going to laugh and let go of all the negative crap in their lives. It’s going to be needed. It’s soon after we spent time with our families for the holidays, which can cause a lot of anxiety and stress.” Over the last three decades Gold has […]