4th Annual Keystone State Gay Rodeo – October 3, 2020

The 4th Annual Keystone State Gay Rodeo rides into action October 3, 2020 starting at 11:30 am at Red Man Ranch & Arena, 359 Strawberry Road, New Freedom, PA 17349.    The event is a family-friendly, inclusive rodeo and country event that merges traditional rodeo favorites with some non-traditional fun and hilarious events all in a safe and inviting atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. Both men and women compete equally in all rodeo events and anyone ages 12 and over are welcome to compete. If you are attending you can expect to see some traditional rodeo events such as bull riding, […]

Federal Judge blocks anti-LGBTQ Trump health care rule

Washington, D.C – On September 2, Federal District Court Judge James Boasberg granted Lambda Legal’s request for a preliminary injunction in a challenge to Trump administration rules announced earlier this summer that would remove anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ from the Affordable Care Act. Boasberg’s ruling on the injunction puts “an immediate stop to key aspects of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ health care discrimination rule which seeks to carve out LGBTQ people and other vulnerable populations from regulatory protections under the Affordable Care Act’s nondiscrimination provision known as Section 1557,” according to a press release from Lambda […]

The Truth, Set Me Free

The day I transition I finally became Free to live my life as Karen. When I was Tony, I was happy, but never the way I am now. In this article I will be speaking about myself in the third person about Tony. I am doing so because I am no longer him and he is so different than I am today. He was highly active with friends, women, volunteering and going out and just enjoying what he thought was being happy. The problem, Tony was not truly happy due to a big secret and double life he was living. […]

The Aggie and the ecstasy: an interview with filmmaker Catherine Gund

Lesbian documentary filmmaker Catherine Gund has an exceptional eye for subject matter when it comes to her movie projects. Of course, it helps that she was already familiar with the people, including gay performance artist Ron Athey, the late lesbian Mexican singer Chavela Vargas, and choreographer Elizabeth Streb, who is also a lesbian. However, she probably wasn’t as well acquainted with them as she is with the subject of her new doc Aggie (Strand Releasing/Aubin Pictures), which is about her mother; art collector and philanthropist Agnes Gund. Agnes’ name may be familiar to some readers from her tenure as president […]

Camaraderie Yesterday And Today

Have you noticed that the way we relate to each other has changed since the invasion of social media in our lives? I hasten to add that that invasion has brought many positive changes as well.  But this pandemic, in its totally unexpected ways, has also affected those changes we have been living with, more often without focused attention. When our survival is threatened, as with this invisible virus infection, we react with emotion because the issue hits the amygdala, the brain center that is programmed to fend off the impending danger, as it should. However, we need to keep […]

How to Travel Kind During COVID

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of checking in a very important guest. He was not famous, or a leader in his industry, or anyone of any outwardly presenting importance. Honestly, when I first greeted him in the lobby, I was jealous of his lavender polo, and I wondered why I did not own more lavender-colored clothes myself. Side note, I just discovered today what is going to be my fall work wear trend, polo shirts underneath sweaters, and I have a few grey sweaters begging to be paired with light purple. Mr. Important started our interaction quite pleasantly, […]

She May Be Southern, But Don’t Ring Her Bell: Getting Real with Sutton Stracke

Southern Debutante-turned Beverly Hills socialite, Sutton Stracke is one of the newest cast members of this current season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Sparkling with charm, style and utter sophistication, Stracke has garnered much popularity with viewers for her candid wit and social grace.  Baltimore OUTloud was thrilled to chat with Stracke regarding her commitment as an LGBTQ ally, her background in the arts, and the importance on giving back through philanthropic endeavors.                “Well, hi Frankie! How are you in Baltimore? Did y’all miss the hurricane?” inquired the delightful Stracke.  Chatting with Baltimore OUTloud a few days […]

Pandemic Wedding Lemonade

If you’re one of the more than two million couples in the United States who planned a wedding for 2020, my condolences. I feel your pain. We’ve been walking two sides of the same road. On my side is a wedding venue that has sat empty since March. In fact, this past Thursday was the first time we’ve had a wedding here since March 14.   On the other side of the road are Tess and Kaare, who, like many other couples, had a big wedding planned for this August. In their case, it was going to be held in […]

Gay couple experiences COVID-19 Up close and personal

Charlotte, N.C. – Initially it was reported that the first cases of a flu-like disease came from a Chinese province called Wuhan in December 2019. This, while now in question, led to the naming of the seventh coronavirus known to exist — C = China, O = Origin, VI = Virus, D = December, 19 = 2019. The numbers of infected and dead have continued to tic ever upward. According to details from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, COVID-19 mutated ever-so-slightly once it began to spread across the United States and Europe, creating […]

What Older Adults are Doing to Promote Racial Justice

By Dr. Jennifer Jimenez Maraña, Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Broadmead In his video series “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man,” Emmanuel Acho reads a letter from a White woman who grew up in the 1940s. She wrote that racism was embedded in her experience growing up, but now she has been listening and is still learning. She asked that Acho and others “not give up” on people like her, adding, “I’m awake now and determined to wake others up.” When I shared the video with a group of residents I work with at Broadmead, a life plan community […]