Minor league player comes out; only active baseball player

Nashville, TN – David Reddish writes in Queerty that Salem-Keizer Volcanoes baseball player Bryan Ruby has come out as a gay man. The announcement makes him the only player at present in major or minor league baseball to openly identify as LGBTQ. Ruby, 25, shared his truth as part of a lengthy interview with USA Today. In it, he details how he first identified his attraction to other men at age 14, as well as the long and tumultuous road that has led him to today. In the same interview, Ruby goes on to explain that he’s long since come […]

Gay US Transportation Secretary and husband adopt twins

Washington, D.C. – Emma Powys Maurice reports in Pink News that US transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten have happily announced the birth of a son and daughter. The couple shared the news on social media on Saturday, September 4 with a photo of them smiling as they each hold one of their newborn babies. “Chasten and I are beyond thankful for all the kind wishes since first sharing the news that we’re becoming parents,” Pete wrote. “We are delighted to welcome Penelope Rose and Joseph August Buttigieg to our family.” Joseph is the name of Pete Buttigieg’s […]

Here, there, and everywhere: an interview with Dar Williams

First of all, if you haven’t seen Antje Duvekot’s stop-motion animation music video for “Today and Every Day,” from Dar Williams’ amazing new album I’ll Meet You Here (Renew Records/BMG), what are you waiting for? It’s the kind of perfect pairing of audio and visual that will remind viewers of the magic of that craft, and make you nostalgic for the heyday of MTV. Of course, “Today and Everyday” is merely one of the 10 incredible songs on what is best described as Williams’ best and most consistently enjoyable album since My Better Self. From the brilliant opener “Time Be My Friend,” featuring guest […]

Maryland Guardianships—Don’t Get ‘Britney Speared’

Britney Spears, the “Princess of Pop,” has had a royal mess on her hands ever since her father become her legal “conservator.” According to Britney, her father has so overstepped his authority to manage her finances that his behavior has amounted to abuse. The stuff of tabloid journalism, the ordeal has left Britney’s fans and detractors alike wondering how her legal rights could have been taken from her so abruptly—and whether the same could happen to them.  In Maryland, we have legal safeguards to help prevent someone from losing their autonomy without good reason. Just as importantly, there are steps […]

Critical Estate Planning Tips for Same-Sex Couples

If there’s been one silver lining to the pandemic, it’s that it has motivated many people to prioritize estate planning.    That’s important because if you die without an estate plan in place, your assets may not end up where you want.  The taxman may also take a much bigger bite than needed.  These issues potentially impact everyone.  However, with fewer children and sometimes contentious family issues, estate planning is even more critical for same-sex couples.  Marriage Isn’t a Magical Panacea The recent recognition of same-sex unions has, of course, helped couples realize tax savings and other legal benefits.  While it […]

Psychological Safety

Are there times in a group or with a partner/friend, you want to say something but don’t? What guides your decision to stay quiet or speak up? We are living in times when a lot of people feel strongly about issues but may keep their thoughts or opinions to themselves. But then there are others who declare what is on their minds without regard to other people’s reactions as well. Accepting that one was wrong seems to be difficult for many people. Why is that? We all know that no individual can be right all the time. The cultural messages […]

Rufus still rules!: an interview with Rufus Wainwright

It’s been said that timing is everything, and in the case of gay singer/songwriter Rufus Wainwright, the saying holds true. In July of 2020, at least seven months into the COVID-19 pandemic, he released his eighth pop music studio album Unfollow the Rules. It was significant because it was his first in 12 years. Full of drama, hopefulness, and humor, it was among his best work, and even earned a Grammy nomination. In the past, Wainwright would have embarked on a multi-city (and continent) concert tour, but that was not possible now. As inventive as ever, Wainwright began presenting a regular series […]

Colorado high school students protest Gay coach’s ouster

Highlands Ranch, – David Reddish reports in Queerty that a Colorado high school erupted in student protests the week of August 29 after the resignation of a popular volleyball coach. The coach in question has publicly claimed he was forced to resign because he’s gay. Inoke Tonga claimed administrators at Valor Christian High in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, pressured him into resigning after learning about his sexual orientation. Tonga has said in the press that the school warned him if he continued to live as an openly gay man, he could not live as a “child of God” and would therefore […]

Activist place Marsha P Johnson bust in New York City park

New York City – Lily Wakefield writes for Pink News that Queer activists have put up a bust of Marsha P Johnson in a New York City park, after waiting several years for the city to deliver a promised monument. Johnson was a founding member of the Gay Liberation Front and co-founded the Street Transgender Action Revolutionaries (STAR), which was dedicated to helping homeless queer youth. Although she was not present when the Stonewall riots began, she was instrumental as the uprising continued, and fought tirelessly throughout her life to advance the rights of the LGBT+ community. The city announced […]

Afghan LGBTQ people in danger as Taliban to use sharia law

Kabul, Afghanistan – Bil Browning reports for LGBTQ Nation that a Taliban spokesman has dispelled any notion that Afghanistan will remain a democracy, saying the country will likely be governed by a ruling council similar to the last time they held power. “There will be no democratic system at all because it does not have any base in our country,” Waheedullah Hashimi told Reuters. “We will not discuss what type of political system should we apply in Afghanistan because it is clear. It is sharia law and that is it.” Afghan citizens and their families who worked with Americans are […]