Dress for Success

Have you ever caught a glimpse of what an individual was wearing and asked yourself “what makes them think that was a good idea?” You probably have. Now, one would imagine that most of these poor decisions would not make it to the front door of a recruitment office, right? Well, sometimes that’s incorrect. There’ve been occasions where we have refused to conduct interviews because the candidate presented to the office with less-than-appropriate attire. One memorable example was a candidate for a bedside clinical position presenting themselves in a t-shirt and animal-print leggings. We really need to consider the impression […]

Joy’s Journey Through the Workplace

We recently met with one of our openly transgender employees and decided it would be fantastic to feature her in one of our articles. For us, it was a unique opportunity to write about a topic we had never done before. Our employee was excited to discuss her journey with us. It was so refreshing to meet someone so transparent, so resilient, and so positive. Joy began relaying her story to us by taking us back to 2007. She had been working at a major furniture retailer as a customer service manager. At that time, before disclosing to her vice […]

Bringing Just Culture to Your Workplace

An employee is running late and parks out front of the office building, runs inside to punch the time clock, and then returns to their car to park in their assigned area, The employee arrives to their department ten minutes after their shift starts. Sound familiar? We’ve all experienced the situation where we are disciplined for an action or behavior that we may or may not have full control over. Maybe we’ve also experienced the other side of the table – doling out the punishments rather than receiving them. It certainly is easy to take control of one, two, or […]

How to Salvage Potentially Damaging Office Situations

This week we were able to salvage a potentially damaging office situation with a client group. In a team meeting where the main topic was engagement and communication, a supervisor was sharing his point of view with the audience (of almost 50 people). As he was speaking, he kept using the phrase “when I was just an employee.” As we were standing in front of the group, we could see some raised eyebrows and concerned facial expressions. Quick to see this reaction, we were able to nip this in this in the bud by asking the speaker to clarify his […]