Time Management

I am finding myself saying more often these days that “time is our most precious commodity.” Maybe it seems that way since I am growing older, and it feels like I am running out of time. Pressure at home to spend quality time with my husband, with family and friends, for maintaining a home, etc; and pressure at work where there is increased pressure to deliver on commitments and to achieve more with fewer resources. Lately, it seems that by Friday afternoon, reflecting back on the work week, there remains tasks undone, and not only in the office. I decided […]

We all can use a friend, but Who Needs a Trustee?

What is a trustee? A trustee is a person or a company that holds and manages assets for a third party. Often that includes someone managing a trust for a beneficiary. Trustees are fiduciaries, meaning that they have a duty to manage the trust in a responsible manner and in the best interest of the beneficiaries within the framework established by the trust document. Who can be a trustee? You can name anyone you’d like to be a trustee. That person will not only have significant responsibility over the trust assets, he or she will also be in regular contact […]

What Could Rising Rates Mean to You?

So far this year, ten-year Treasury yields have risen from about 2.5% to 3%. While that might not seem like much, it is a 20% increase from the start of the year. If rates continue to climb, the impact could extend into many areas of your financial picture. Mortgages – If you’re looking to get a new mortgage through a refinance or to use for a new home purchase, you’ll likely find that rates have been going up along with the ten-year Treasury. A ½% increase in interest rates could cost you an extra $26,000 in interest payments over the […]

What Makes a Top Employer?

More often than not, employees worry about what they need to do for their manager. What do they need to do to keep themselves in the good graces of their boss, to get to that next level, or most basic and important, to keep themselves employed. We’re going to flip the script this week: Let’s explore what makes a good employer. What do top companies do to make sure they attract the quality of individuals they wish? How do they keep them for the long run? How do you make a destination employer? There are many opinions about what makes […]

Reasonable Accommodation

An employee has been absent from work for a few days or so. They come back toting a physician’s note stating they can return to work but with certain conditions. They require a reasonable accommodation. Every employer goes through the murky pathways of handling this situation. What is a reasonable accommodation? Why does an employer need to comply with this? How does it affect the work force? Starting from the beginning, we all understand that Federal law prohibits discrimination based on someone’s actual protected status (race, age, disability, etc.) as well as someone’s perceived status; even if the perception is […]

The Maryland Healthy Working Families Act

The Maryland Healthy Working Families Act became law in our state as of February 11th. This law requires all public and private employers to provide paid and unpaid earned sick and safe leave to eligible employees. According to the new law, an eligible employee can use earned sick and safe time for medical needs, such as, employee or family members mental and physical illness, injury, or medical visits including preventive care. As well, the law provides for maternity or paternity leave (to bond with a child). Other reasons for time-off include recovering from domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking (including […]

Women & Retirement Planning

Having been raised primarily by my mother, I’ve witnessed the many challenges that women can face when planning their finances. Whether it’s raising a child and working full time (or multiple jobs), coping with financial distress after a divorce, earning less than their male counterparts, or planning for a longer retirement, women often find themselves playing catch-up. Although equal pay has been the law since 1963, women are still paid less than men – even with similar education, skills, and experience. The National Women’s Law Center estimates that women are paid only 80 cents for every dollar a man was […]

Where Do I Start?

  When you started a new job, how were you introduced to your new role? What do you think should be included in that introduction? How long do you think that introduction should last? When an individual starts a new job the first few weeks feel like a trial run on both sides. The company is seeing if this hire is still a good fit for the position and the employee is checking to be sure they want to continue with the role. This is where the concept of onboarding is crucial. Onboarding is the process in which new employees […]

Dress for Success

Have you ever caught a glimpse of what an individual was wearing and asked yourself “what makes them think that was a good idea?” You probably have. Now, one would imagine that most of these poor decisions would not make it to the front door of a recruitment office, right? Well, sometimes that’s incorrect. There’ve been occasions where we have refused to conduct interviews because the candidate presented to the office with less-than-appropriate attire. One memorable example was a candidate for a bedside clinical position presenting themselves in a t-shirt and animal-print leggings. We really need to consider the impression […]

Tax Withholding Changes

  As a result of the tax law changes late last year, the IRS has published updated income tax withholding tables (Irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/n1036.pdf). Due to these changes, you might see that your net income has increased over the past month. While normally a good thing, this change could create a situation in which you owe the government money when filing your 2018 taxes. In a previous article, I suggested getting a rough idea of how the tax changes may impact your bottom line. Now that the withholding tables have been changed, I think that getting an estimate of your 2018 tax […]