Snake Hill Sausage Grill & Tavern

Snake Hill Sausage Grill & Tavern 418 S. Clinton Street, Baltimore 410-469-9003   Have you ever wanted to eat that cute little bunny? Gorge on a gator? Slobber on snake? Well great news! We finally have an establishment in Baltimore where the zoo becomes the buffet. Snake Hill Sausage Grill & Tavern is where the sausage party begins. With well over a dozen homemade options to choose from on any given day, there is something for everyone in this neat little corner bar with a kick-ass booze selection. The sausages range from the usual brats and Italian-style sausages to […]

Is Real Estate Still a Good Investment?

If you had asked an educated investor that question ten years ago, they would most likely have looked at you as if you needed therapy. Of course real estate was an essential investment! Stock markets historically go through periods of bubble and bust. Real estate holdings gave stability to many portfolios because the boom and bust cycle tended to be much less dramatic. The Great Recession shook a lot of people’s confidence in that core belief. It was with great interest that I read a report at the end of June from CoreLogic that more than 11% of home purchasers […]

Boost Your Mental Well-Being

We all experience anxiety, stress, trouble sleeping, and even depression at times. The root cause could just be that our bodies aren’t producing enough endorphins, causing an endorphin deficiency. Endorphin deficiency is commonly referred to as “experiencing the blues,” but exercise is a great way to combat low endorphin levels. During a workout and a good while after, your body produces a surge of endorphins which naturally improves your mood. Whether it was a quick ten-minute jog or a full hour using all types of gym equipment. Surprisingly enough, our brain and exercise are directly connected. When we exercise, the […]

Me – Past and Present

These days, we hear a lot about what politicians said or did a number of years ago. That got me thinking about how we can look back at past relationships and see if we handled them any differently than what we would do today. I remember at one time, going through the old books (!), I realized that in all relationships, I had been the one to leave or to end the connection. Some food for thought there for me …. So what about you? Have you had long-term affairs? Mostly short-term? What works for you and what doesn’t? Ideally, […]

Back-To-School Guide for LGBTQ Students

Back-to-school can be an anxious time for many LGBTQ youth, who may expect to face bullying, humiliation, and discrimination at school. Though the atmosphere for LGBTQ students has improved greatly in the past decade, school can still be a rough place to spend your day. In the 2017 National School Climate Survey, national LGBTQ student advocacy group GLSEN found that 90% of Maryland students heard homophobic, biphobic or transphobic slurs at school. More than half of queer and gender diverse high school students had been verbally harassed, a quarter were physically harassed, and 10% had been physically assaulted. When our […]

Should You Be Tested for Vitamin D?

Dear Dr. Eva, My old doctor used to test me every year or so for vitamin D, but my new doctor says it’s not necessary. What do you think? Healthy So Far   Dear Healthy, Like fashion, nutrition, and politics, medical testing goes through fads. About ten years ago, many doctors began checking their patients’ vitamin D blood levels. It had long been known that vitamin D, along with calcium, is important for bone health and that vitamin D supplements can be useful for adults who have osteoporosis (loss of bone density) and low levels of vitamin D. Not many […]

Why the Legal Benefits of Marriage Aren’t Enough

The English author John Lyly once said, “Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on Earth.” Indeed, marriage has long been a two-sided coin. On the one side are the social and emotional aspects of the institution, the “joy and wonder” of marriage. On the other are the legal implications, the rights and privileges the law grants to married couples. After exchanging wedding bands, many couples assume that they have cemented their relationship with every benefit and privilege the law has to offer. Marriage does confer many essential rights – more than a thousand, by one count. But there are […]

Does Chris Nagle Expect John Waters to Love Ptown’s Outermost Designs?

Chris Nagle has a keen eye for design. He still remembers the lone wildflower atop the dining table shared with his partner on their first date and his father’s painting, carpentry, and sculpting work that set the creative path for Chris to explore. This pursuit ultimately led to his teaming up with Adam Slone in 2019 to launch Provincetown’s Outermost  –  a collection of art and furnishings that is chic but not cliché. Let’s find out why John Waters may not be shopping there anytime soon. Kevin Assam: What sort of queer neighborhood where you confined to growing up and […]

Old Traditions in a New World

The national news has been filled this summer with stories about Latino people in America. These news reports are upsetting, sad, and not in keeping with the America I was raised to believe in, even growing up in my very white world in western Maryland. In the spring I made a new friend named Selvin. He and his family immigrated from Salcajá in Guatemala, a city rich in history and tradition that is known for the Church of San Jacinto, the first church built in Central America, which dates to 1524. Many members of his family, like Selvin, are now […]

Coping With Death at Work

Certainly not an uplifting topic, but something that does happen on occasion is the death of a coworker. Whether this coworker was diagnosed with an illness months prior, or the death is sudden, the loss of a coworker is one of those things that can impact everyone. It is in these times where managers and staff will reach out to Human Resources to ask, “What can we do, or what should we do for our team?” The answer to these questions may vary depending on situations, but the subsequent paragraphs will provide some guidance. What I usually tell these managers […]