Scars: More Than Skin-Deep

“The best people all have some kind of scar.” ― Kiera Cass, The One I found this quote the other day and it could not be any truer. We all have scars of some sort or another whether they are emotional or physical scars. Some scars are physical but internal and still not visible. Scars are a sign that a transformation has occurred on the way to being who we are today, a transformation coming at some personal cost. The bigger the scar the bigger cost and often the bigger the lessons learned. Why do we scar? Why can’t things […]

Telomeres and Longer Life

Dear Dr. Eva, Can you explain epigenetics and telomeres? There are a lot of supplements out now that are supposed to lengthen people’s life by making their telomeres longer. Any truth to that? Juan P. de Leon Dear Juan, I notice that you are using the name of Ponce de Leon, the Spanish explorer who came to Florida in 1513 looking for the Fountain of Youth. He did not find it. The search for longer life is as old as humans’ recognition of death. People have always looked for ways to lengthen our lives. The science of telomeres is complex […]

Who Will Watch Out for You?

Chase Brexton Health Care Who would take care of you if you couldn’t take care of yourself? Who would be allowed to make decisions about your medical care and other affairs? Are your wishes set down in writing and legally binding? If you don’t have answers to these questions, an upcoming Lunch & Learn workshop hosted by The LGBT Health Resource Center can help. “Don’t Give Your Power Away,” a seminar on advance medical care planning in association with FreeState Justice, is scheduled for Thursday, March 14th, from noon to 1:30 pm in the community room at Chase Brexton’s Mount […]

South Korea

South Korea, on the Korean Peninsula, is one of Asia’s most technically advanced countries, yet it’s moving at a snail’s pace on LGBT issues. Many younger South Koreans describe the Korean Peninsula as “tiger-shaped” because the symbol represents its aggressive modern economy. Older generations of Koreans think of the peninsula as “rabbit-shaped,” a nod to its traditional, yet diminishing agricultural economy. South Korea is known for its hilly areas, dense forests, cherry trees, centuries-old Buddhist temples, coastal fishing villages, and subtropical islands. Seoul, South Korea’s capital, is a high-tech city where nearly 10 million people live. Although South Korea is […]

Mold: Major Problem or Minor Nuisance?

Just about everyone has heard something about the growing issue of mold in residential structures over the last ten years. There’s a lot of information – and misinformation – going viral on the internet. Here’s a dose of truth: if your house has wood components (studs, flooring, joists, rafters) or drywall, then you already have some level of mold in your house. It doesn’t matter how old the house is, or how well you’ve maintained it. It’s there. Most likely it’s a very insignificant amount, but over the last few years of major rainfall totals and flooding events – and […]

The Money Discussion

Are you expecting – or hoping – that your parents will help pay for your wedding? If you are, you need to know when to talk with your parents about money, and how do you prepare for that conversation. Most parents want to do everything they possibly can for their children. This often includes paying for their wedding. It’s wonderful if your parents can write a check for ten or 15 or 20 or 30 thousand dollars (or, yes, sometimes even more) without some mental preparation. Most can’t. That’s a lot of money for most families. They need to work […]

Trans Care Across the Lifespan

With an ongoing and critical need for trained and welcoming health care providers to serve the transgender community, the LGBT Health Resource Center’s health equity training team will present an accredited one-day continuing education symposium on March 9th entitled “Trans Care Across the Lifespan.” Scheduled sessions will address issues of stigma, the local landscape of the transgender population in Baltimore and Maryland, and best practices for medical and behavioral health care for gender diverse children, adolescents, adults, and elders. Attendees will also hear from a panel of transgender community members about their experiences. Clinicians will learn the essentials of providing […]

Trusting Your Doctor Or Not?

Dear Dr. Eva, I’m a gay man in a long-term monogamous relationship. I have never had any sexually transmitted disease. Is there any real reason to come out to my doctor? I’m uncomfortable with him assuming I’m straight, but I don’t want to embarrass him. Discreet Dear Discreet, First, if your suspicion that knowing you are gay would embarrass your doctor is correct, you may need a different doctor. I hope that he’ll respond in a friendly, comfortable way that shows he is not embarrassed. It’s important for your doctor to have at least a basic understanding of who you […]

Love Online

Have you met your soulmate? That is, if you believe in that concept. Or, how do you meet potential partners? Once upon a time, there were matchmakers, good-intentioned family members, friends, and then it became bars, school or college, and even the workplace with its own set of issues. Check this statistic out: “In 2017, 39% of US heterosexual relationships and 65% of same-sex relationships began online.” ( This can’t be surprising given the length of time we spend in cyberworld. When I see the number of hours I personally devote to online usage, I am amazed. But then why […]

Drug Testing in the Workplace

Now that some states have legalized marijuana use, it is a good idea to take a look at where things stand legally when it comes to it’s use in the workplace. Company leaders have had discretion when deciding whether to subject employees to drug testing, either pre-hire or during employment. Recently, a federal court affirmed this when it found that a New Jersey company did not have to waive a post-accident test for a worker who was a registered medical marijuana user. This decision means in the state of New Jersey, businesses can still dictate the terms of employment to […]