No Time to Cook?

Not only do you need to work out your body, but you also need to fuel it properly to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself. This spring, Youfit Health Clubs brought Lindsey Gass, a registered dietician, on to the team to provide professional knowledge and insight into the food portion of the health and wellness path. Summer can have schedules all out of whack (in a good way – hey there, beach vacation!) where it’s easy to make unhealthy decisions. Lindsey has just the ticket for you to eat healthier this summer and that ticket is meal replacement shakes. […]

Summer Skin and Summer Penis Summer has some special ‘Season’s greetings’ in store for your privates!

Dear Dr. Eva, Every summer I get an itchy rash in my crotch area, sometimes also in my underarms and below my belly. I have been given creams for this, but they only relieve the itch, not the rash and then the itch comes back as soon as I run out of cream. What can I do to get rid of this for good? Summer Rash   Dear Summer, The rash you are describing is called intertrigo or intertriginous dermatitis – which is just Latin for irritated skin folds. This can occur anywhere on the body where folds of skin […]

Self-Talk is Your Friend

Our minds do not like to be idle or shut down. If you have tried to relax, meditate or just push the off-button to go to sleep, you have experienced the frustration in this. In fact, worrying per say is an activity that keeps it occupied, adding more angst to the whole process. To be sure, all brain activity does not produce what we don’t want to acknowledge: It also leads to solving problems, creativity, introspection and greater insight into ourselves, all needed for healthy lives. The self-talk I want to focus on is the negative kind that is not […]

June is Men’s Health Month

First off … Happy Pride! I came out to myself and a few friends in 1987. The year 1988 saw me in my first Pride parade dressed in my Boy Scout uniform in order to make a statement. A lot has happened in the 32 years since coming out and I am proud of our community on a global and local level! I honor those who came before me to fight for the rights I had when I came out so that I may fight for the rights we now enjoy and hope that people today won’t personally experience the […]

National Honor our LGBT Elders Day

It was a night of laughter, inspiration, and recognition, as more than 100 friends, family, and community members met at Baltimore Center Stage on Thursday, May 16th to celebrate National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day. The evening, hosted by the LGBT Health Resource Center of Chase Brexton Health Care (LHRC) and emceed by State Senator Mary Washington, featured community members sharing inspirational stories of an LGBTQ elder who made a difference in their life. Speakers included: Franklin N. McNeil, Jr., honoring T. Calhoun (Cal) Strawhand; Jabari Lyles honoring Kay Halle; Vann Michael honoring Ross Avery Walker; Betsy Cerulo honoring Cheryl […]

Montel Williams Talks AIDS Walk & Music Fest

Baltimore’s own Montel Williams will take steps against HIV and AIDS in Charm City at the Baltimore AIDS Walk & Music Festival this Sunday, June 9th at Power Plant Live. Join the beloved television personality as he helps Chase Brexton Health Care and its community partners raise funds to end HIV and AIDS in his hometown by registering today at We asked Montel to discuss his history in talking about HIV and AIDS, and how he’s seen that conversation change in the past few decades. You’ve been a longtime supporter of the fight against HIV and AIDS. What has fueled […]

Learning to Recover

As a fitness professional I’ve had the privilege of helping many people change their lives for the better. For many changing their body isn’t the biggest hurdle, changing their life is literally life and death. Our company is privileged to work with an amazing organization that is trying to change the lives of young people and to help them stay clean, sober, and alive. The Phoenix Foundation of Maryland is a non-profit organization striving to open a recovery based high school in 2020. Recovery high schools are secondary schools designed specifically for students in recovery from substance use disorder or […]

Questions About Blood Pressure Meds

Dear Dr. Eva, Doctors and nurses have told me over the years that my blood pressure is high. Because I felt fine, I didn’t want to take medicine for it, but eventually family members convinced me to get treated to prevent strokes (my father had one.) I am now taking three different blood pressure pills. When I looked up the medicines, it looks like I am not on the top dose of any of them. Why not increase a medicine to the top dose before adding another one? Even better, why not just use one medicine that really works in […]

Living a Less Than Perfect Life

Imagine yourself maybe 10 to 15 years ago. Even five years will do it. Did you think your life today would be the way it is? If you had set goals back then, are they a reality or on the way to be so? Or have they evolved or changed completely? Are you where you thought you would be? We not only change within, in terms of values, beliefs and expectations, but there are external changes in the culture, the society and the world and they all affect our lives in one way or another. Who could’ve predicted that both […]

The Joy of Pole Dancing

Image Credit: San Francisco Pole and Dance Dear Andre, I’m a trans woman in my early 40s and I’m dating the guy of my dreams. The sexual chemistry is out of control, and recently he told me that he’d been fantasizing about me giving him a lapdance before we fell into bed. I’m definitely not opposed to the idea, but I’ve never given anyone a sexy dance before and I have no idea where to start! Help! Sincerely, Patricia L.   Dear Patricia, You came to the right girl! I’ve been stripping professionally (and privately!) for the better part of […]