Back-To-School Guide for LGBTQ Students

Back-to-school can be an anxious time for many LGBTQ youth, who may expect to face bullying, humiliation, and discrimination at school. Though the atmosphere for LGBTQ students has improved greatly in the past decade, school can still be a rough place to spend your day. In the 2017 National School Climate Survey, national LGBTQ student advocacy group GLSEN found that 90% of Maryland students heard homophobic, biphobic or transphobic slurs at school. More than half of queer and gender diverse high school students had been verbally harassed, a quarter were physically harassed, and 10% had been physically assaulted. When our […]

Should You Be Tested for Vitamin D?

Dear Dr. Eva, My old doctor used to test me every year or so for vitamin D, but my new doctor says it’s not necessary. What do you think? Healthy So Far   Dear Healthy, Like fashion, nutrition, and politics, medical testing goes through fads. About ten years ago, many doctors began checking their patients’ vitamin D blood levels. It had long been known that vitamin D, along with calcium, is important for bone health and that vitamin D supplements can be useful for adults who have osteoporosis (loss of bone density) and low levels of vitamin D. Not many […]

TRANS LIVES: My Journey Rolls On

Hello Everyone, my name is Karen Kendra Holmes and I am so excited to have my column and I welcome you all to “Trans Lives”. Within my column I will be talking about various topics that I want to share and yours if you care to share with other readers. I want to shed lots of faith, hope, and love that we give respect and earn the respect that we so deserve. From each article written I want you all to know that I have you each in my heart and you have a close friend in me. I just […]

Why Gay Men Should Come Out About Their Sexual Health

Over the past decade, the gay community has come out of the closet – and by extension, I have seen more openly gay and bisexual men in my urology practice in recent years. I’ve been pleased to see that these men’s willingness to be open about their sexuality also makes them more willing to talk about their health concerns. So what do gay men ask about when they visit their urologist? In my experience, the most common questions are the same for all men regardless of sexual orientation – erectile dysfunction, prostatic obstruction, and prostate cancer. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is […]

Workout with a Master Coach

Ever worked with a Master YouCoach? It’s the cat’s pajamas. If you haven’t? Well, fear not – we spoke to Master YouCoach Janzen Fallgren, and he shared with us some great insight about the importance of a warm-up before your workout. And, just for good measure, he threw in some great step-by-step instructions for a dynamic stretching routine to round-out that warm-up. Now, if you’ve ever wondered if you even need a warm-up, well sorry to burst your bubble, but yes, you probably should. According to Janzen, “A warm-up is almost universally accepted as an integral part of any workout […]

Self-Interest in Relationships

For each of us as individuals, self-interest is a central issue. The roots of this fact go to the need for survival. Back in the old days of wild animals and a threatening and uncontrollable nature, the human brain had to provide the internal guidance to be safe, so it was wired to watch out for what would ensure one’s survival, at times at the expense of others. So how would this tendency work in a relationship? If each person looks out for his/hers truly, how does the relationship bloom? By definition, a relationship is an emotional or other connection […]

Brushing Up on Dental Health for LGBT Elders

Dental care isn’t just about keeping your teeth sparking and healthy – oral hygiene can have a major impact on an elder’s overall health and quality of life. You can brush up on these topics and much more at the next Lunch and Learn event, hosted by the LGBT Health Resource Center of Chase Brexton Health Care on Thursday, August 8th from noon to 1:30 pm in the community rooms at Chase Brexton’s Mount Vernon Center (1111 North Charles Street, Baltimore). The program will be presented by Karyn Carr Porter RDH BS, supervisor of dental hygiene for Chase Brexton Health […]

Summer Fears

What do you think about the safety of swimming at the beach these days? Between the flesh-eating bacteria and the sharks, should we just sun on the beach and only swim in a pool? Worried   Dear Worried, Please keep in mind that events make the news because they are unusual. Although terrifying, both human shark bites and “flesh eating bacteria” infections are very unusual. 1) Flesh-eating bacteria – The medical name for these rare infections is necrotizing soft tissue infection, or NSTI. The term necrotizing comes from necrosis, which means death of an area of body tissue. Soft tissue […]

Where & What is The Prostate?

The prostate is largely misunderstood and most of us take it for granted. September is prostate awareness month so I figured I would write a little about it ahead of time so you can properly prepare to celebrate this little nugget of fun. Where and what is the prostate? A healthy prostate is the size of a walnut and sits just below the bladder. When we look closely at where the prostate and the bladder meet we see that the tissue for the lower bladder seamlessly becomes the sphincter (valve) for the bladder and then seamlessly transitions into the tissue […]

“Sexual orientation” vs “gender identity” vs “fetish”

Dear Andre, I’m a happily married bisexual woman in my late 40s and I consider myself to be very open-minded. My husband has always identified as heterosexual (while being very supportive of my bisexuality and my need for visibility), however recently he confided in me that he enjoys dressing up in women’s clothing. I have to claim ignorance here; he says it’s not an identity thing, but I’m inclined to believe that cross-dressing is a steppingstone to coming out as queer. Am I just experiencing wishful thinking here, wanting my husband to be a part of the LGBTQ community with […]