I Already Know What to Do!

I’ve literally sat down in front of hundreds, maybe thousands of prospective clients and gym-goers. I’ve gotten a lot of people started on fitness programs, some fee-based and some free. I’ve also gotten a lot of excuses over the years … excuses and rationalizations are my favorite! Someone who is ready to start is exciting but, showing someone who isn’t convinced the true value of fitness – now that’s awesome. It’s like showing someone who’s never heard of electricity a light switch… they don’t believe you until they flip it on and boom! My favorite excuse for not getting started […]

Depression and Exercise

  Winter can be a hard time – lack of sunlight, cold weather, holidays, lack of physical activity. These coupled with mental illness can be a nightmare. This nightmare impacts those with depression and those who love them. But what can we do? There are traditional medical remedies (which I fully endorse) of therapy and medication. But this isn’t enough for many. We all know regular exercise and proper nutrition help our bodies function better. We often forget the mind is part of the body and our mood is a result of a chemical process. These chemicals, when improperly balanced, […]

The Failure of Fitness

  The fitness world has failed you. Those of us in the gym world have taken sides and, as a result, our clients and their results have suffered. Trainers and coaches have created a world of division rather than unity. We make ourselves “experts” in a specific area and leave other aspects out or dismiss them all together. Ask a personal trainer their opinion of crossfit, group exercise, yoga, pilates, power lifting, bodybuilding, etc. You’ll find a series of opinions not facts. The industry demands specialization. In doing so we create vision – everything can be solved with hot yoga […]