I’m Home, Baltimore

If I have any one place to thank for my rich queer identity, it’s Baltimore. I grew up in a small farming town in southern New Jersey. Flush in resources like produce stands and ignorance, it left much to be desired when it came to embracing its LGBTQ youth. “Survival” looked a whole lot like maintaining good friends and a resilient spirit, as well as having access to the worldwide web. The Internet provided a haven for our raging hormones and conflicted thoughts, one that taught us about queerness, desire, pleasure, anatomy, reproductive rights, and cultural diversity. We learned shame […]

Finding Her Calling A profile of Karen Bellesky – Chase Brexton’s longest-serving employee

It took a little while before Karen Bellesky’s new job became her calling – all of two months. Hired in April 1992 as Chase Brexton Health Care’s first registered dietician, Karen wasn’t familiar with the clinic and believed she was taking just another job. Instead, she was deeply moved by the dedication of her colleagues and the great struggles her patients faced, and quickly became a passionate advocate for Chase Brexton’s work. The turning point came about two months into her tenure, when Karen met with a person dying of AIDS and the patient’s partner. The couple playfully asked how […]

Stopping Medicines Safely

Dear Dr. Eva, Is it really dangerous to stop medications without tapering off? People (me included) often seem to do it with no problems. Skeptical Dear Skeptical, It is true that many prescription medications can be stopped suddenly without problems. However, there are some kinds of medications that are dangerous to stop suddenly. Whether it is safe to stop a medication suddenly depends on two things: how the medicine is metabolized (broken down and eliminated from the body) and what condition is being treated. When a medicine is prescribed to treat a chronic problem like diabetes, high blood pressure, or […]

Living with Anxiety

You know that feeling of butterflies in the stomach, being out of sorts, shaky, not able to focus on what you have to do but your mind worrying, worrying about all kinds of things? Sometimes it can immobilize you, because of fear about what might happen. At times, it could be that you are ruminating and thinking of what the partner may be up to … Is he or she thinking of leaving the relationship? Or falling in love with someone else? What anxiety signifies is the mind sensing a threat, an arrow aimed at you, your sense of self, […]

Chase-Brexton Charm Ball 2018 Raises More Than $240,000

Chase Brexton Health Care’s Charm Ball 2018 succeeded in raising more than $240,000 to support Chase Brexton’s patients during an exciting, fun-filled evening on September 22nd honoring the community health center’s 40th anniversary. More than 500 attendees came together at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel for a journey through four decades of welcoming, affirming care. Current and former board members and staff guided guests through the challenges and victories of decades past and shared an exciting glimpse of what’s to come. All funds raised supported the Hope Lives Here Fund, which assists Chase Brexton patients with critical needs. “It’s only […]

Do You Keep Seeking Greener Grass ?

Swipe left, swipe right! In the age of social media and online dating, do we keep looking for the better deal? Too fast and easy to go on to the next one, in the hope that it will be better than the last one. Not to mention the fact that we have been trained to expect immediate feedback. In the old days, if you wanted to contact someone, you had to be home to use the phone, and then, if busy or no answer, you didn’t think they were avoiding you and you tried again. Now, if a text or […]

Can You Get Hepatitis C…… without having A and B first?

Dear Dr. Eva, I have been told that I have hepatitis C and also that I need to get shots to protect me from hepatitis A and hepatitis B. This does not make sense to me. If I have hepatitis C now, doesn’t that mean I already had A and B? Just Diagnosed Dear Just Diagnosed, Your question makes total sense and shows how confusing medical terminology sometimes can be. Hepatitis A, B, and C are not different stages of one disease: they are three different infections caused by three very different viruses. They are called A, B, and C […]

Your Spine Has Your Back So pay it some mind

So far I have brought you information about erectile dysfunction, bladder control, Kegel exercises, and what a pelvic physical therapist does that is different from traditional therapy. I think it is time to move just north of the pelvis to the lower back. Don’t worry, I will still have the pelvic spin on things because they are very connected! It is estimated that 80% of us will have some form of back issue in our lifetime, and collectively, these cost some $50 billion a year in treatments. You are probably wondering what sciatica, disc degeneration, and disc bulging mean. Sciatica […]

To Pap Or Not to Pap

Just to make sure we all start at the same baseline: a cervical Pap smear is done when a physician or other medical professional uses a small, soft plastic brush to collect cells from the surface of the cervix. The cervix is the lowest part of the uterus (womb.) The cervix can only be seen after a speculum, which is a plastic or metal tool shaped like two serving-size spoons, is placed in the vagina. The speculum exam is also called a “pelvic exam.” Many women assume that every pelvic exam includes a Pap smear, but that is not the […]

Chase Brexton to commemorate 40 years of service Charm Ball 2018

Chase Brexton Health Care will honor its four decades of welcoming, affirming care with a special journey through the organization’s past, present, and future at Charm Ball 2018, set for Saturday, September 22nd at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel. Current and former board members and staff will guide guests through the challenges and victories of decades past and share an exciting glimpse of what’s to come, all in support of Chase Brexton’s Hope Lives Here Fund, serving some of Maryland’s most vulnerable populations. Tickets are now available at Charmball.org. “Founded by and for the LGBT community in 1978, Chase Brexton has […]