When is it Okay Not to Use a Condom?

Can viruses pass through condoms? Dear Dr. Eva, I heard that HIV and other viruses can get through pores in latex condoms because viruses are so much smaller than sperm. Is that true? Wondering Dear Wondering, No, it isn’t true. Latex is a continuous solid surface. It has no pores – that’s what makes it so effective. Multiple scientific studies have shown that the HIV virus cannot pass through latex condoms. The condom is 100 percent effective unless it tears. When a condom is worn, infections can only be passed if the condom breaks, tears, or slips off. Tearing and […]

Relationship Builder: Positive Mood

There are many self-help books on how to improve your relationships, love life, or friendships. Let’s take a look at what we can do for ourselves because how we feel definitely affects those in our lives. I just listened to a couple who realized that some mornings, one of them got up in a foul mood and then the whole day went downhill for both of them because the other person resented having to deal with this which he saw as no fault of his own. So how was the first person dealing with his negative mood? According to psychologist […]

Elder PRIDE Returning to Pride Festival in Druid Hill Park on June 17th

Elder Pride will return to Druid Hill Park at the upcoming Baltimore Pride Festival on June 17th, the second straight year that the LGBT Health Resource Center will offer LGBT elders the chance to connect with their community, receive important information and resources, and reflect on their journey. The Elder Pride tent will once again be located in Druid Hill Park on Swann Drive, near the Family Pride location. Attendees will have the chance to add themselves to a timeline of LGBT history, celebrate their “coming out” anniversary in an “Out Proud” photo booth, and receive free testing, resources, and […]

What is a Kegel and Should I Do It?

We have all heard about Kegels. It is what women do so they don’t dribble after having a baby, right? Yes, this is correct, but there is a lot more to it than that and when you break it down and really look at what is going on with a kegel, it has an impact not just on staying dry (yellow hanky) but also for staying clean (brown hanky) as well as sexual function. The purpose of kegels is to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. “But what are pelvic floor muscles?” They are a group of muscles at the bottom […]

Relationship Buster: Egocentric Bias

Do you know a person who thinks everything that goes on around them is about them? Or is it possible you are one? This is the trait referred to as “egocentric bias” when we feel the world revolves around us, so we take responsibility for it all. Not in the positive sense of owning our role in it but in a way that refers all events personally to us. If when you tell your friend or partner that you are getting a promotion, their response is to tell you they are also scheduled for one or the last time they […]

Embrace Better Nutrition by ‘EATING YOUR RAINBOW’

Eating well doesn’t have to be hard or expensive for LGBT elders – it’s as easy as eating your rainbow! At a June 14th Lunch & Learn workshop presented by the LGBT Health Resource Center of Chase Brexton Health Care, Tiana Matthews-Martinez, Chase Brexton’s nutritionist, will help elders understand which foods can boost their health, and which should be avoided. We asked Tiana to share some tips for healthy eating and better nutrition. What does it mean to “eat your rainbow” as a way to practice good nutrition? Unfortunately this isn’t referring to Skittles or Lucky Charms. Think about the produce […]

Questions about Testosterone

Dear Dr. Eva, I am a 20-year-old trans man. I’ve been on testosterone for close to three years. I’ve developed a lot of facial and body hair, but my voice hasn’t changed much. How long do you have to be on testosterone before you get a significant voice change? Still High-pitched Dear High-pitched, Many trans guys do not experience significant voice change from testosterone. Any voice change a person does get will be complete in the first 18 months on testosterone. However, there are things you can do to make your speech sound masculine without having a lower-pitched voice. For […]

Put Some Elvis in Your Pelvis! Pelvic floor disorders affect men, too

I’ve been a physical therapist for nearly two decades, practicing both in Maryland as well as in London. My practice now is in Essex – finally another reason to visit besides Pizza Johns! Actually, they have good seafood in Essex and I have to say I love my neighbors … but I digress, which happens often when you have ADH and are surrounded by multiple rabbit holes to go down. My workshops can be very entertaining for this reason. But yet again, I digress. My husband and I moved back to Baltimore in 2008 and after a few years of […]

Honor Our LGBT Elders Day

LGBT Health Resource Center The stories, struggles, and trailblazing successes of Baltimore’s LGBT elders will be recognized at an upcoming event in celebration of National Honor Our LGBT Elders Day. Members of Baltimore’s LGBT community will come together for “Stories From The Community: The Elder Who Made a Difference in My Life,” a night of laughter, inspiration, recognition, and storytelling on May 16th from 6 to 8:30 pm at the Single Carrot Theatre (2600 North Howard Street, suite 1200). Learn more about the event at Tinyurl.com/LGBTelders2018. We asked Mark King, a Baltimore-based writer and activist, to discuss why he will […]

Security or Adventure?

Human beings have contradictory needs and wants. It’s our task to reconcile these, so we can lessen conflicts within ourselves and with others. A long time ago, it occurred to me that I could not eat everything I wanted and look the way I wanted. What to do? The child wants it all and does not want denials or boundaries. Hopefully, by adulthood, we start to accept that we have to make choices. This issue is so crucial in our relationships. Think of when you first met your beloved. The stars in the eyes, the strong chemistry, the connection that […]