Memory Problems in a Grieving Friend

  Dear Dr. Eva, My best friend lost his lover of many years last September. Since then I’ve noticed he has become increasingly forgetful. What are the early signs of dementia? And what can I do to help my friend? MC Dear MC, Although physical problems should be considered, memory loss in a person who is grieving is most often a sign of depression, not of mental deterioration (dementia) like Alzheimer’s disease. Memory loss as the main feature of depression is common enough that there is a specific term for it, “pseudo-dementia.” Depression is not always seen as sadness or […]

No Sex in Relationship?

Increasingly, I hear from couples that after the initial few years, the sex drive of one or the other starts to wane and then comes a period of feelings of rejection on the party that wants more and pressure on the one who wants less. What is going on? I have met people who haven’t been physically intimate in years. Of course, it’s possible that there may be physical issues or illness that prompt this kind of a situation. Regardless of what the reasons are, some of which may bring on more resentment than the others, how do you deal […]

Why I Support AIDS Walk & Run Baltimore: Shawn Carrick

Chase Brexton Health Care Teams are forming now for the AIDS Walk & Run Baltimore on Sunday, May 6th at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, and competition is heating up! One of the first teams assembled includes Shawn Carrick, who will participate in the event for a fourth year. Last year, Shawn achieved his personal goal of raising more than $750 for Chase Brexton Health Care’s HIV outreach and testing programs. He’s upped that goal for this year to $1,000, and has already raised $400! Shawn shared some of his reasons for participating in the AIDS Walk with us. Why […]

Managing Medications

Workshop offers just the right prescription for LGBT elders trying to bring order to their pillboxes By Monte Ephraim Chase Brexton Health Care Prescription medications can help a person live his or her healthiest life – but they can be intimidating, too. From getting the correct prescriptions in the first place to keeping track of multiple pills, managing your medications means staying organized. Easy tips to help with these challenges will be offered at an upcoming Lunch & Learn workshop presented by the LGBT Health Resource Center on Thursday, April 12th from noon to 1:30 p.m. at Chase Brexton Health […]

Infidelity – Take 2

If there’s an affair involved in your relationship, at which point do you decide to end the involvement, whether it is you or your partner who has been unfaithful? To be clear, I am talking about relationships where there is an understanding of commitment, be it in a monogamous, or a polyamorous context. Even in open marriages, there seems to be an expectation of boundaries. So being unfaithful is about going beyond those boundaries and expectations. How do you even start to sort through the feelings and the back and forth arguments? In the distant past, there were some common […]

Mold-Related Illness

  Dear Dr. Eva, We finally decided to get a couple of bedrooms painted. They had wallpaper, and when it was stripped off we saw big patches of black and red mold. Looked like it must have been growing for years, and it smelled musty. The painters say they can use anti-mold paint, but will that be enough? One of my kids has asthma, and I wonder if this could be the cause of it. Moldy Home Dear Moldy, A mold investigation can be as deep as you are willing to go. The most important thing to know is that […]

Chase Brexton & Staff: First Collective Bargaining Pact

After nearly two years of efforts, and 15 months of direct negotiations, the management of Chase Brexton Health Care and the 135 Chase Brexton employees represented by United Healthcare Workers East (1199SEIU) reached a collective bargaining agreement February 26th. Chase Brexton serves nearly 40,000 patients at seven clinics in Baltimore, Randallstown, Columbia, Glen Burnie, and Easton. “The board of directors and leadership are pleased to have reached the best possible agreement to uphold the organization’s 40 years of distinctive, patient-focused care,” said Chase Brexton president Patrick Mutch. “We believe our providers and health care professionals are critical to the sustainability […]

Why I Support AIDS Walk & Run Baltimore: Aaron Lorance

  When AIDS Walk & Run Baltimore returns to The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore on Sunday, May 6, hundreds of individuals will be on hand to take steps against HIV and AIDS in Baltimore and show their support for Chase Brexton Health Care’s HIV outreach and testing programs. Among those dedicated supporters is Aaron Lorance, co-founder and Events Director for D4AC, or Dance for a Cure. Aaron and his team will host Incognito at the Baltimore Eagle and Factory17 from April 20 to April 22, with all proceeds going to support AIDS Walk & Run Baltimore. We asked Aaron to […]

Housing Disparities Faced by LGBT Elders to be Addressed at Lunch & Learn Workshop

Finding welcoming and affordable housing can be a struggle for any aging individual, but for LGBT elders, the task can be even more difficult. Kelly Kent, Director of SAGE’s National LGBT Elder Housing Initiatives, will provide information and resources to support LGBT elders in need of quality housing at a special upcoming Lunch & Learn workshop presented by The LGBT Health Resource Center on Wednesday, March 21 from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Chase Brexton Health Care’s Mt. Vernon Center (1111 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD). We asked Kent about the housing disparities faced by LGBT elders, and the […]

Infidelity – The Road Taken

Is there anyone out there whose life has not been touched by affairs? Yours, your partner’s, your spouse’s, or your family or friend’s? However it might have entered your radar screen, this is a subject that brings on quite a bit of discussion because it involves morals, judging, and strong emotions. Take the simplest case: Away on a business trip, with too much alcohol and revelry, you sleep with someone. A one-night stand. What to do when you get back to real life where a relationship exists? If this becomes a repeat routine, then there’s an issue to examine. But […]