Nine Great Money Saving Tips

There are lots of ways to save money on your wedding. Some are great, others court disaster. These nine tips can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars while still giving you and your guests a fantastic experience. The guest list 1) Invite only the people you love – One of my favorite pieces of wedding advice comes from Miss Manners: “Invite the people you love and who love you.” Really, who else do you want at your wedding? Keeping the guest list tight is the single most effective way to save money on your wedding. Why? Because catering, […]

Picking Great Wedding Pros

A confession: I’m crazy about getting good customer service. It always has a strong influence on my buying decisions. I stopped by a Mazda dealership a while back while I was out and about, ’cause I’m a Miata guy and the new one is outstanding. I made a point of checking what time I started looking at the cars out on the lot, taking bets with myself on how long it would take a salesperson to come out and talk with me. You know what? Nobody ever came out. That impressed me – in a good way – so I […]

Five Hot Wedding Tips

Want to make planning your wedding easy and stress-free? Here are five great tips on what you can do to get started right, and make the best use of your wedding professionals. 1) Know your numbers – The two most important numbers in your wedding planning are your guest count, which is the number of people you plan to invite; and your budget, which is the amount of money you have available to spend. These two parameters guide every planning decision. It’s really important to know these numbers before your start planning. You and every wedding professionals (or if you’re […]

Ten Not-So-Complicated Steps……for planning your wedding, Part 2

In the last issue we talked about the first five steps to planning your wedding. Here’s a quick recap: Step 1 – Think about the wedding you want. Step 2 – What’s your budget? Step 3 – How many guests do you plan to invite? Step 4 – Where in the world do you want to get married? Step 5 – When do you want to get married? Now we’re going to put those first five steps to work and start shopping! Here’s where you’ll make use of those budget and guest count numbers, the decisions you made in step […]

Ten Not-So-Complicated Steps……for planning your wedding

If you’re getting married in 2019 or 2020, there’s a one in three chance that you’re going to get engaged in the next six weeks. How exciting! Planning your wedding can be just as exciting as your engagement, full of joy and wonder and discovery. The key to successful wedding planning is to be thoughtful, thorough, and loving. That’s it! I’m going to walk you through a deliberate, step-by-step process that will help you avoid lots of potential stress and heartache. Here’s how to do it: (Spoiler alert! This is part one of two.) Step 1 – Think about the […]

Creating a Great Wedding Ceremony

I’ve attended a lot of wedding ceremonies at Chase Court, the wedding venue I own in Baltimore. Hundreds of them. Some have been magnificent. Many have been unremarkable. And some have been deeply, tears-in-my-eyes, moving. What makes the difference between forgettable and memorable? That’s easy to answer. It’s really very simple. Thorough, thoughtful planning, and superb execution. Your wedding ceremony coalesces all that you believe about marriage as a state of being. It is a public celebration, in words and actions, of your intentions for your marriage. It is a sacred ceremony, with sacred in this case meaning highly valued, […]

Reconciliation Day

Not long after same-sex marriage became legal in Maryland in 2013, I was working with two delightful women who had absolutely fallen in love with Chase Court, the wedding venue I own in Baltimore. They were very excited about having their wedding here, so they set a date and booked. All was well. One of the brides’ family, all of whom lived in rural Pennsylvania, had made it clear to her that her sexual identity was unacceptable to them. They wanted nothing to do with her or her fiance, and had no intention of attending their wedding. A few weeks […]

To Theme or Not to Theme?

Renaissance, anime, costume, Halloween, goth, Gatsby, period, geek, and a full-on Harry Potter wedding, with Dumbledore acting as the officiant! All have happened – or in the case of the Harry Potter wedding, are about to happen –  at Chase Court, the wedding venue I own and run. Theme weddings are always memorable, and always lots of fun! In fact, the common thread running through every theme wedding that I’ve experienced is “fun.” So, one way to have fun is to have a theme wedding. But is it right for you? Couples are attracted to each other by – and […]

Decorating on the Cheap

Want to know what single piece of decor will give you the biggest bang for your buck? Of course you do! It’s your table linens! Sure you can use white on white. Lots of couples do. But how about jazzing it up a bit? The cost of using other colors is often the same as that of basic white linens, or only slightly more. So if you’re feeling royal blue or hunter green or springtime yellow, go for it! One of my favorite tricks is to reverse the colors of the guest tables and the service tables  – the bar, […]

Keeping Daddy in the Loop

Guys, including fathers, like to be in control. Especially if they’re not. If your father is in control of your wedding planning, call me. You’ll be the first. In all other cases, any way that you can make your father feel, or even better, think that he has some control over this sometimes turbulent multi-month planning process is worth doing. Fathers (and may I say, men in general) like lots of warnings vis-a-vis change. Your getting married is a change. Your asking him to write one or more checks for many thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars is […]